What Are the Best Tips for Decorating a Balcony?

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Making the best use of space, seating and the view are key in decorating a balcony. One of the benefits of installing a balcony is to offer homeowners and apartment dwellers an outdoor living area suitable for relaxing or entertaining, so it is best to choose decorations with this in mind. From a garden paradise to a backyard barbecue area, decorating a balcony is matter of personal style and taste.

Perpetuating a backyard feel on a balcony can be accomplished by decorating with typical backyard accessories, including a grill, lawn furniture and outdoor statues. Decorating a balcony with a bird bath, bird feeder and colorful garden art can make it a personal refuge from the world. Water elements, such as a wall-hanging waterfall or table-top fountain, can add a finishing touch to the scene.

For privacy and shade, balcony screens and fences can be placed between adjoining decks. These balcony decorations are typically available in a variety of colors and materials, and some, such as bamboo, allow light to filter through. The screens can also serve as a canvas for more decorations, such as art prints and wall hangings, or as a trellis for climbing vines and flowers. Awnings and umbrellas are functional as well as visually pleasing options when decorating a balcony.


Depending on the climate where the balcony is located, it may be a suitable, year-round habitat for plants and trees. A balcony can be transformed into a gardener's paradise through the use of potted trees, flowers beds and hanging plants. Flower pots are available that hook onto balcony railings, adding another area to decorate. Plants, pots and dirt can be heavy, so it is important not to overload a balcony. It is also critical that plants and flowerbeds are able to be watered thoroughly without creating a waster run-off issue for a neighbor below.

The proper use of lighting when decorating a balcony will not only enhance the desired atmosphere, it can add an element of safety. Traditional twinkle lights can be used to border the edge of a balcony, making it clear where the edge is located. Lighting can also be used to enhance artwork, statues and architectural features on a balcony. For dramatic impact or setting a mood, colored bulbs can be used instead of clear. Hanging strands of lights, such as orbs and spheres, can help create a festive atmosphere.

Seating is key when decorating a balcony, so it is important to choose properly-sized, functional furniture for the allotted space. If storage space is limited on the balcony, chairs, ottomans and benches with under-the-seat storage areas may be the best choice. Hanging chairs, swings and hammocks can provide a relaxing atmosphere and may be appropriate choices when decorating a balcony with overhead support beams. When decorating the floor of a balcony, weather exposure will likely limit the number of appropriate materials. Throw rugs, indoor-outdoor carpeting and inlaid designs are some choices for the floor of a balcony.


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