What Are the Best Tips for Cutting Chicken Wings?

Angie Pollock

Chicken wings are the main ingredient in many popular chicken dishes, though supermarkets typically sell chicken wings as one whole piece. A chicken wing is comprised of three sections — the tip, the wingette, and the drummette — and there are two joints located on either end of the wingette. Cutting chicken wings requires cutting the piece at each joint, one connecting the wingette to the drummette and the other to the tip, to create three separate pieces. The drummette and wingette are used in preparing chicken dishes, and the tip is most often discarded or used to make chicken stock. The best tips for cutting chicken wings for a recipe include using a sharp knife or kitchen shears and cutting the chicken pieces directly at the joints.

Kitchen shears are useful when cutting chicken wings.
Kitchen shears are useful when cutting chicken wings.

Before cutting chicken wings for a recipe, gather all of the tools needed, including a cutting board, sharp knife or kitchen shears, two containers, and the chicken wings. One container is for holding the chicken drummettes and wingettes, and the other is for the discarded tips. The wings should be rinsed under running water before cutting and dried. Wet pieces are holder to hold and may slip on the cutting board during the cutting process.

Buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese dressing is among the most popular dishes that feature chicken wings.
Buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese dressing is among the most popular dishes that feature chicken wings.

When cutting chicken wings, it is important to cut between the joints and not through the bone. Slicing through the bone can cause bone slivers or pieces which may break loose when cooking. If the wings are spread out well before cutting, the joints are easier to locate and cut through.

The process of cutting chicken wings is fairly simple and straightforward. Once the pieces are dry, lay one chicken wing on the cutting board and spread it apart to better expose the joint area. Using a sharp knife or kitchen shears, cut between the joints that are located between the wingette and tip. Next, cut between the other joints that connect the wingette to the drummette. After the pieces have been cut properly, the wingette and drummette are ready to use in recipes.

There are various culinary uses for chicken wings with the most popular being Buffalo chicken wings or hot wings. One of the more common ways to make hot wings is by deep frying the pieces until golden and then tossing the fried wings in a hot sauce mixture. These sports’ bar and pub favorites are often served alongside celery sticks and blue cheese dressing for dipping.

Other ways of cooking chicken wings include grilling and baking. The wing sections can be coated with sauces such as barbecue sauce or simply seasoned with spices before cooking. The drummettes have the appearance of miniature drumsticks which can be used creatively in place of the larger chicken pieces. Chicken wings are ideal party food as an appetizer or for tailgating, and as a main dish when craving something different than typical chicken.

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