What Are the Best Tips for Cutting Brisket?

Lori Kilchermann

The best tips for cutting brisket involve using the proper method regarding the meat's grain, as well as using the type of cut that delivers the best appearance for the finished dish. Other tips for cutting brisket involve finding the proper time to carve the meat once it has finished cooking, as well as finding ways to identify the grain of the meat. Tips for serving and cooking methods are also linked with cutting styles and methods. Tips for cutting brisket will also include comparisons of electric carving knives and traditional carving knives.


Brisket is a traditionally tough cut of meat that requires not only special cooking methods, but proper cutting methods to produce a slice of meat that is both flavorful and easy to chew. When cutting brisket, the grain of the meat must be identified and the cut must be made across the grain. Failure to cut the meat across the grain will result in a piece of brisket that is very tough and difficult to chew, at best. The grain of the meat can be identified by closely examining the meat. The grain of the meat is seen as strands running through the meat, and the proper method of cutting brisket is to slice across those fibers.

The brisket is a relatively thin cut of meat, requiring the slicing to be done on a bias or at an angle to produce a wider and more visually appealing serving of beef. By cutting brisket on a bias, the beef is served with more surface of the meat showing, which provides more juices to be enjoyed by the diner. The meat is also tenderer when cut on a bias, as some or most of the meat fibers are severed during the initial cutting of the meat. Another tip for producing a tender cut of brisket is to slice the meat very thin as well as on a bias.

After the brisket has finished cooking, a tip for a more tender and juicier cut of beef is to allow the brisket to rest for about 15 minutes before cutting it. The resting period allows the natural juices to flow back to all areas of the meat. Once the meat has rested properly, it is best to begin slicing the meat using a continuous motion. Another tip is to use an electric carving knife when cutting brisket. The electric knife makes it easier to make smooth slices and avoid chopping or sawing the meat while cutting.

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