What are the Best Tips for Curbing Appetite?

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Having an appetite means having a desire for something, typically for food or drink. Some people have a difficult time curbing their appetite, which can often lead to excessive eating and, in some cases, being overweight. Introducing certain habits, such as eating breakfast, consuming fiber, staying busy and eating slowly are just some of the best tips for curbing appetite.

Eating breakfast in the morning is one of the best ways of curbing appetite. Not only is it better for keeping your energy levels up but it also prevents mid-morning trips to the vending machine to grab a snack, which chances are will be candy or chips. If getting up earlier isn't an option, make something the night before that will still be good the next day, for example, a peanut butter sandwich or a few pieces of fruit.

Fiber has quite a few benefits, including curbing appetite and lowering the risk of heart disease. After eating high fiber foods, many people will also feel full and for a substantial amount of time. To get enough fiber, eat foods throughout the day such as raisins, berries, beans, green vegetables and whole wheat pasta.


Another way of curbing appetite is to stay busy, especially when it can be easy to grab more food, such as after dinner when dessert is available. Grab coffee to go instead and go for a walk. While watching television, write a letter, pay bills or do something else that will keep the mind focused on something useful and food out of reach.

It often takes a person 20 to 40 minutes to feel full, so someone who devours a meal quickly increases his or her chances of overeating. Grab smaller amounts of food each time, take longer to chew and if possible, engage in conversation and only eat when the other person is talking. Another tip for curbing appetite is to focus on the food, not on eating and doing something else, which can lead to absently minded eating too much without realizing it.

When making an effort to curb your appetite, it's important to do so in a healthy way. Skipping meals, eating too few calories and vastly restricting the amount of food consumed can lead to series health conditions such as anorexia. Keeping a food journal as well as frequently speaking to a nutritionist can help develop healthier eating habits.

Cubing your appetite may seem like a huge hassle, but it can take a few simple changes to bring about big results. Always keep healthy foods and snacks on hand and forgo keeping around chips or candy, which one may tend to easily overeat. Developing these better habits may not only result in losing weight, but also having a healthy body.


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