What are the Best Tips for Creating Travel Itineraries?

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Creating useful travel itineraries usually begins with researching the location of the visit thoroughly using quality guidebooks and online resources. While deciding on places to visit and things to do on a trip, travelers should consider their budget, travel time frame, as well as access to transportation. By using this information in conjunction with a reliable map and perhaps an online travel itinerary service, travelers can create itineraries that maximize the time they spend at their destination.

Travelers who are unfamiliar with their destination, and particularly those who do not know anyone in the place where they plan to visit, should take the time to research popular attractions, the merits and problems with staying in different neighborhoods, and the area's transportation system. By identifying places they want to visit, travelers can more easily select their accommodations, as their hotel or rental home will serve as a home base for the duration of of their stay. In situations where the travelers want or must travel to different parts of their destination city during their trip, they may wish to choose a hotel that is convenient to several public transportation options.


As good travel itineraries make the most of a traveler's limited time in an area, it is wise to construct a daily itinerary consisting of destinations that are close to each other to minimize time spent getting from place to place. A daily itinerary might be built around scheduled events, such as a play or a lecture that takes place at a certain time. The traveler simply identifies the area in which the event takes place and then chooses other activities that are close by, including restaurants that, in some cases, are destinations in their own right. If a traveler uses a map that includes information about public transportation lines, he can even include the numbers and times for the buses and trains he'll need to take in his itineraries.

In many larger cities, there are several interactive online travel and city guides that can be used in the development of travel itineraries. These guides offer tourists the advantage of being able to consider the opinions of locals who frequent city facilities, attractions, and restaurants while planning out their own itinerary. In some cases, it is possible to access these city guides from a person's mobile phone or to incorporate them in the use of an online trip itinerary creator, which can likewise be accessed using a smartphone application.


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Post 3

One of the neat things I have seen people doing in this connected world is using the social networking sites to post questions such as "I am planning a trip to such and such area. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go within the city, when to go, or what activities to do?"

Then people respond and suddenly there is are multiple items to put into your itinerary, and many times you have first or secondhand reviews as well as recent knowledge that you are getting, which is nice.

As far as having a full itinerary, my in-laws go on cruises and they love them for this factor as they love to be on the go. And with a cruise you are constantly on your way to a new destination and when you arrive at your destination you can fill your time with excursions (although these typically cost extra).


Post 2

We traveled to Ireland a few years ago for my daughter's wedding. We didn't have a long stretch of time to sight see and tour around, but I spent many hours online trying to decide what we wanted to see and where we would stay.

When I was planning our itinerary I wanted to make sure we hit some of the highlights, but also had a chance to really experience the culture.

There was one bed and breakfast that I choose that would be our main place to stay. Before making the reservation, I called the owners to chat with them and felt very confident that I was making the right choice.

They were very friendly and

helpful and I ended up making some changes to our itinerary after we arrived and I had a chance to discuss some options with them.

Even though it is good to have an itinerary to follow, I am always ready to look at other options that might be more interesting or that fit our schedule better.

Post 1

I seem to function best when I stick to a schedule - whether it be at work or at home. This is the same when I travel, and I like to have an itinerary to follow.

I have found some good online websites where you can use a master itinerary planner for your entire trip.

One nice thing about this is that it can be accessed online and from my cell phone so I know it is always close at hand.

Once my itinerary is complete, I can send it to other family members who want to know where I am and how to get in touch with me while I am gone.

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