What Are the Best Tips for Countertop Repair?

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The best methods of countertop repair depend on the damage. Scratches, for example, are usually repaired using a different method than that used for severely burned countertops. The first thing a homeowner should do is assess the damage, such as how deep it goes. Next, it is best to get a few different opinions on how to fix the damage from reputable home improvement stores. Lastly, if the countertop repair seems too dangerous for the average person or takes special equipment that must be rented or purchased, it is usually a good idea to get a free estimate on hiring someone to fix the damage.

Sometimes the easiest method of countertop repair is sanding the counter until the damage no longer shows. Without special equipment, this only works with wood countertops. The homeowner may also need to sand around the damage to make everything even. If the countertop is finished, the person will need a matching finish to complete the job. This method works for shallow and moderately deep scratches and burns.


Gouges and other deep marks can be sanded or filled by professionals. If a mild abrasive cleaner cannot buff the damage out, a professional should be called to make the countertop look like new. The key to using abrasive cleaners is making sure they are indeed abrasive; a bleach solution will likely not do anything except sanitize the countertop. Using a harsh abrasive chemical, however, can strip the surrounding area of its finish and damage the countertop in other ways.

It is important to check with a professional before starting a home improvement project. Professionals can offer safety tips, short cuts, and other advice a person might not find in books or online. In addition, some major renovations require the homeowner to obtain a permit from the state before starting. This should not be the case with minor countertop repairs, but it is always a good idea to make sure a repair is taking place within the law.

Another good tip for countertop repair is for the homeowner to know what is within his or her abilities. A job that requires a sanding machine, industrial chemicals, or other potentially dangerous objects may need to be left to professionals. This holds true for any do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement repair. A small countertop repair job is usually well worth the amount of money, because it would cost a lot more to fully replace the countertop instead.


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