What Are the Best Tips for Cooking Turkey Breast in a Crock-Pot®?

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When cooking turkey breast in a crock-pot®, it's best to choose turkey breast pieces that are lean. Cooking bone-in turkey breast in a crock-pot® will require more space and an unusually deep slow cooker. To ensure the turkey breast is thoroughly cooked, test the temperature reading with a cooking thermometer. A reading below 170deg; Fahrenheit (76deg; Celsius) means the turkey is not sufficiently cooked.

Choosing the best quality turkey breast will produce good results, so shop wisely. Never cook turkey breast in a crock-pot® that is not large enough. If there is not adequate room, chances are the turkey breast will not be cooked evenly.

Another important rule to remember is to always rinse the turkey breast under cool tap water before preparing. The turkey breast can then be patted dry using a paper towel. After rinsing, place the turkey on paper towels instead of directly on a cutting board or counter top. Placing uncooked poultry on counters or cutting boards may spread contamination. Excess or hanging skin should be trimmed from the turkey breast, and the knife should be washed thoroughly to kill germs.


The turkey breast needs to be rubbed with some type of cooking oil to prevent it from becoming dry while cooking. To choose the best cooking oil, read the label to be sure it does not contain trans fat that may raise bad cholesterol in most people. Olive oil or canola oil are good choices when cooking turkey breast in a crock-pot®, but flax seed oil may be used as well. Chicken or turkey broth may also be added for extra flavor.

To season turkey breast, use ground pepper, garlic, or various types of herbs. Onion powder also works well when seasoning turkey breast. After spreading oil and seasoning on the turkey, it's a good idea to wash hands with an antibacterial soap.

Before cooking turkey breast in a crock-pot®, it's important to coat the sides and bottom of the pot with some type of non-stick cooking spray. If not properly coated, the turkey breast may stick to the crock-pot® making clean up a chore. In a pinch, butter or margarine can be substituted for cooking spray, although this method does not generally work as well.

It's best to cook turkey breast in a crock-pot® on a low setting for about 10 hours. If cooked on a high setting for a shorter duration, turkey breast may become overly dry. It's best to test midway through cooking, to ensure the turkey is thoroughly cooked. Juices should run clear and there should be no signs of pinkness on the crock-pot® turkey breast.


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