What Are the Best Tips for Cooking T-Bone Steak?

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Cooking T-bone steak is an easy process requiring simple ingredients and equipment. To make beef tender and flavorful, it can be marinated before cooking. When cooking T-bone steak on a grill, adding wood chips will give the meat a smoky flavor. A steak that is 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) thick should be grilled or broiled for about 15 minutes. Thicker steaks will have a longer cooking time, while thinner steaks will have a shorter cooking time. Someone who likes his steak rare or medium-rare might shave two to four minutes off of the cooking time but, for safety reasons, make sure the steak reaches an internal temperature of at least 145°F (about 63°C).

Marinating the meat before cooking T-bone steak will make it more flavorful, moist and tender. There are many marinade recipes for T-bone steak, and most include some kind of acidic liquid like vinegar, lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, or wine. Other ingredients typically found in T-bone steak marinades include chopped garlic, chopped onion, salt, pepper, and basil. Steak marinades that have already been prepared are also available commercially. For the best results, a T-bone should be marinated for the full recommended marinating time. Place the steak in a plastic bag along with the marinade, and place it in a refrigerator until it’s time to put the steak on the grill or in the oven.


One of the most popular methods for cooking T-bone steak is to grill it. Grilling T-bone steak is a simple process requiring only a gas, electric or charcoal grill, a meat thermometer to make sure the meat is cooked thoroughly enough to be safe to eat, and something to flip the steak when recommended, like a pair of cooking tongs. To give the t-bone a smoky flavor, add wood chips to the grill. Different wood chips will affect the flavor in different ways, and finding out which one an individual likes best is a matter of trial and error. Hickory and mesquite wood chips are popular choices, but many prefer the flavors provided by other types of wood chips.

Many people prefer cooking T-bone steak in the oven using the broiler, especially when the weather isn't ideal for grilling outside. Whether broiled or grilled, a T-bone steak should be served as soon as possible after cooking because it will almost immediately start to dry out, though keeping the steak covered until it is time to serve will help it retain its moisture longer.


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Post 3

Does anyone have any tips for cooking a good steak on a campfire? I am pretty good at cooking them on a gas grill but I have eaten lots of bad steaks on camping trips.

They always end up overcooked and often charred on the outside. Its just so much harder to control the heat and the fire with an open flame. But steaks are so great after a long day in the woods. If I could master the cooking technique I could make a really transcendental steak. Are there any outdoorsman out there they can give me some tips?

Post 2

@truman12 - Good advice. I like my steak rare but it is hard to find a cook that can successfully cook it below medium.

Another tip to keep in mind is not to go overboard on the seasonings. I have seen many steaks that were coated in 10 different seasonings and then served up with some kind of sauce. All of this just masks the flavor of what is usually a mediocre steak. If your are eating the steak it is about the meat, not about the blue cheese sauce or jack Daniels glaze.

I like my steak with a generous sprinkle of fresh cracked pepper and table salt. Then I round it out with just a little bit of garlic flavor. This basic seasoning blend compliments the meat without ever distracting from it.

Post 1

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are cooking a good T-Bone steak is what internal temperature the meat needs to reach in order to be cooked to your liking.

This is not easy. Lots of people work at grills for years and still do not master a good medium rare steak. Way too many people end up charring their steaks to well done or beyond and they ruin all the nuanced flavors of the beef.

Learn how long and at what heat to cook your steaks to get them as your guests want them. Its the only way to do the meat justice.

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