What Are the Best Tips for Cooking New York Strip Steak?

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Some of the best tips for cooking New York strip steak focus on the selection of the steak, preparation of the cooking surface and seasoning the steak. The best grade of meat available to many United States consumers is graded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as prime choice. Purchasing the best grade of New York strip steak available will typically result in the best cooked steak. One tip to creating a well-cooked steak is to allow the meat to warm up to room temperature before placing the meat on the cooking surface. Another tip for cooking the New York strip steak is to allow the steak to rest after cooking and before serving, which allows the meat to regain its juices.

Choosing the best New York strip steak possible is key to ending up with the best grilled steak. The steak should be slightly to highly marbled with fat and two- to three-fingers-thick. A thinner steak will result in a dry steak that may also be very tough. As part of the process of getting ready to cook the steak, the meat should be left out of the cooler for two to three hours, if possible. This allows the steak to reach room temperature before being put on the grill, so it will cook evenly and require less cooking time.


Whether cooking on a grill or a frying pan on the stove, the preparation of the cooking surface is tantamount to a good New York strip steak. The grill or pan should be very hot before adding the steaks. As the cooking surface heats, a tip is to rub olive oil on the steak, both front and back. Oil should be applied directly to the steak and not to the cooking surface. This will not only add the lubrication to prevent burning or drying, it will also help to hold the seasonings on the New York strip steak.

Once oiled, kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper should be applied on both sides of the steak. Using a kosher salt is recommended because it creates a nice crust on the finished steak. The New York strip steak should be placed onto the cooking surface and left for 45 seconds to a minute, and then turned in order to create grill marks on the meat. The meat should be cooked on one side until fine droplets of blood rise to the steak's surface, then it should be turned over. The steak should be allowed to finish cooking to the desired doneness, then allowed to rest a few minutes before serving.


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New York strip is my favorite cut of steak. I prefer it medium-rare to medium. I really like it grilled, but broiled works, too. A good cut of meat doesn't need a great deal of seasoning. Salt, pepper, maybe a little garlic, are usually sufficient.

Herbed butter is great for serving with a cooked steak. Just mix some herbs with softened butter, then scoop a ball of it on to the steak as it goes on the plate. Yummy.

It's sometimes difficult to cook a really good steak, but New York strip is worth the effort, and when done properly, is hard to beat.

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