What Are the Best Tips for Confidence Self-Help?

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Cultivating self-confidence may seem difficult when the feeling of confidence has remained relatively low in an individuals' life; however, there are many ways to naturally build confidence in a variety of settings. Some confidence self-help techniques include meditation and self-hypnosis, where other techniques focus on exposure therapy if confidence is extremely low. Often, a confidence self-help program will address body issues, such as losing weight if overweight, to help bring more confidence to an individual. Another self-confidence tip that is often suggested is getting involved in charity work where one can help others to give an individual a feeling of accomplishment and meaning.

Individuals who are suffering from a mild or even severe case of insecurity can often go throughout their entire lives without gaining confidence. A method for gaining confidence, or finding out why a person doesn't have it in the first place, is through therapy or emotional counseling. Although this method is not a guaranteed cure, it does help an individual become more open while relieving any emotional burdens that may be causing a lack of self-confidence. Some counselors specialize in confidence self-help techniques, such as hypnosis, which can use the person's mind to make him or her gain confidence.


A somewhat common method is to use exposure therapy, or to have an individual suffering from insecurity to meet new people, go to a party or generally get involved within the community. Although this technique is good in theory, and may work quite well for some individuals, it is often difficult for an individual suffering from a lack of confidence to initiate. More than likely, an individual learning confidence self-help methods from a counselor or hypnotherapist can better prepare himself or herself to this type of experiment. Most psychologists believe this method takes quite some time, but will eventually help an individual become more assertive and more at ease with others.

Many self-help programs for building confidence will focus on body image issues, as these types of problems can affect a desire to meet and converse with others. If truly overweight, and individual can set and define a goal for losing the extra weight in a healthy manner. The feeling of accomplishment in succeeding to becoming healthier may help provide more confidence in everyday life. Another common confidence self-help technique is to get involved in a charity or community event to help increase the feeling of self-worth, accomplishment and meaning in life.


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