What Are the Best Tips for Choosing Velvet Blazers?

Sheri Cyprus

The best tips for choosing velvet blazers include looking for quality construction as well as a beautiful color. Since velvet has a strong nap, or texture, to it, any flaws in the material can really stand out. Seams with sloppy sewing also tend to be extremely noticeable in a velvet blazer's construction. As a velvet blazer can be an interesting accent to a wardrobe, it may be tempting to choose a color that first appears too bright or gaudy, yet this should never be done as this type of fabric is meant to be elegant.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

If an unusually bright color is something you want to wear in a blazer, it would be best to choose a different fabric. With the highly noticeable texture velvet blazers offer, a bright color on top of that can easily cheapen the look of an otherwise luxurious wardrobe addition. This is not to say that you must stick to neutrals, although rich shades of gray, taupe or navy can look especially rich and remarkable in a velvet blazer. Consider picking a velvet blazer in either a neutral or your favorite accent color like deep green, burgundy, rose or soft blue. Black may be a good choice style-wise, but keep in mind that the nap of velvet can attract and noticeably show lint, so such a dark color may accentuate this even more.

Look for quality construction in both the material and sewing in a velvet blazer. This type of wardrobe accent jacket should look elegant enough to dress up a plain skirt or trousers. To get more value out of your purchase when considering velvet blazers, try wearing the jacket unbuttoned but wrapped around you much like a wrap-style of top. Add a thinner belt such as a metal one or a braided leather variety. This look suits many different body types and the versatility it offers may help make your decision of the right velvet jacket much easier.

If you hope to wear the blazer with more casual separates such as jeans, another feature to look for is sleeves that can be pushed up to just below the elbows and held in this position. This quality of velvet blazers that aren't too stiff in their fabric thickness can add a great casual appeal that is still elegant and feminine. A V-neck, square neck or round necked T-shirt can be the perfect addition to a more causal looking velvet blazer worn with jeans.

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