What Are the Best Tips for Choosing Salon Shoes?

Patti Kate

Wearing shoes that offer comfort, durability and style often work well for those who work in the salon industry. Choosing shoes that are well cushioned and supportive rather than high heeled shoes may help prevent stress and injury on the job, and salon shoes that repel water, grease and oil may prevent falls. Trying both shoes on and walking in them may help ensure a comfortable fit, although buying shoes online may offer better selection. Individuals who require orthopedic or diabetic shoes may find it helpful to check magazine ads and websites for their salon footwear.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

When working at a hair salon, it's common to find water and oil on the floor. To avoid tripping, employees should wear salon shoes that offer non-slip soles. Not all shoes that are made with slip resistant soles provide protection against grease and oil, however. Some slip resistant shoes only repel water. Athletic shoes and cross-trainers may feel comfortable to many, although some styles do not offer slip resistant soles.

Choosing salon shoes that do not pinch the toes and offer breathable fabric are other factors for salon workers to consider. For many, it is difficult to be productive when feet ache throughout the day or become damp from perspiration. In addition, poor fitting shoes may cause blisters. While buying shoes over the Internet may be practical for some, it does not allow one the option of trying them on to ensure a perfect fit.

Magazines that feature work uniforms and footwear may be helpful in deciding which styles to choose. Often these salon and work shoes are categorized by style, color and sizes. Those who wear uncommon sizes or orthopedic shoes may find it helpful to shop at specialty footwear stores.

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In addition, some websites provide helpful information on how to choose the right salon shoes, along with pictures of various styles. Styles such as flats, pumps and oxfords may be made with slip-proof and oil resistant soles. Some styles however, may not be available in all sizes and widths, or may be purchased by special order.

Color choice is a matter of preference, although there are a few points one might wish to consider. Some workers feel that white colored salon shoes may be more difficult to keep clean and remain in like-new condition. This may not be an issue for some however, as many materials wipe clean easily. Since messy spills and goop from styling products often land on shoes, choosing salon shoes that wick away moisture is another option to consider.

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@spotiche5- I know what you are talking about, because I have a sister who works in a plastic surgeon's office. She needs comfortable shoes, but also needs styles that are more formal than athletic shoes or running sneakers.

My sister went shoe shopping, and told me that most department and shoe stores now carry dressy styles that have extra cushioning in the soles for comfort. She has even found shoes with high heels that are cushioned for comfortable wear. If you shop around, check for shoes that have style and comfort qualities for the busy professional woman, and you should be able to find shoes that will look and feel great while working at the salon.


I have a good friend who just started a job in a high-end salon. Though she prefers comfortable athletic shoes, she feels that she is being too casual for her work environment when she wears them. What are her options for dressier shoes to wear to work that will also give her the comfort she needs when she is on her feet all day?

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