What Are the Best Tips for Choosing Girls' Room Chandeliers?

Patti Kate

With so many options available for girls' room chandeliers, it's easy to coordinate a lighting fixture with the decor of a child's bedroom. Depending on the child's age, chandeliers for a girl's room can be whimsical and fun or elegant and sophisticated. A ceiling fixture for a little girl's room should enhance the room's style. A girls' room chandelier that is hand crafted may cost more than a mass-manufactured piece, although it can add flair to almost any decor.

Girls' room chandeliers are also made for baby nurseries.
Girls' room chandeliers are also made for baby nurseries.

Girls' room chandeliers are also made for baby nurseries. While an infant motif can be very appealing, it might not be a practical solution. It's wise to consider something that will not become outdated as the child grows. Reading magazines that feature decorating ideas for a girl's bedroom can help.

The amount of illumination required should be considered when choosing girls' room chandeliers. Some kids' chandeliers can accommodate high-wattage lightbulbs, while others use less wattage. Three-way lighting is a good feature to have, especially if the child does a lot of reading or drawing, or requires various lighting at different times. Many girls' room chandeliers also feature shades. Other styles include swags, which create a traditional look.

Room size can help determine how much lighting will be needed. For a small bedroom, a chandelier that only requires three lightbulbs should be adequate. Conversely, if the bedroom is very large, a chandelier with four or five arm lights might be necessary.

Decorating a girl's room with a lighting fixture or custom-designed chandelier will typically be more expensive than choosing a lamp. Therefore, it is important to choose something that will be suitable as the child matures. It's a good idea to visit a lighting specialist, and ask to see a brochure or catalog.

The height of the chandelier should be another important consideration. A chandelier that sits too low is not practical for a child's bedroom. The ceiling height and style of the chandelier should also be taken into consideration when deciding the correct height. Choosing a chandelier with an adjustable chain can make it easy to customize the height.

To hide lengthy chandelier chains, fabric covers or sleeves may be purchased separately. Finding a good match might be difficult, unless it is custom created. For this reason, it's best to choose a girls' room chandelier that comes complete with a fabric chain cover to match the fixture.

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