What Are the Best Tips for Choosing a Reverse Engineering Class?

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A reverse engineering class is the concept being used for the observation, study and understanding of any specific or broad software program. Reverse engineering is the term applied to how students learn about a particular software program, electronic device or mechanical object by taking it apart and examining how it works. There are a number of different techniques that are being adopted by reverse engineers, such as hacking to get a software's source code. Learning the art of reverse engineering is by no means an easy task, because the student will have to learn the process of working backward through a program to see how it works.

In order to pick the best reverse engineering class, make sure that they teach the student about the x86 structure, programming skills, and that the teacher has a strong background knowledge of the digital logic circuits. The logic gates such as OR, AND, NOT and lots others, such as XOR, XNOR and NAND all need to be covered within the classroom. The next important and significant step towards learning reverse engineering is the understanding of the functionalities of the different software and programs, such as the driver studio, visual basic, java cracking software and others such as SoftICE. It’s extremely important to understand and get under the skin of versatile development and hacking software and keep all tools fine tuned, so the best reverse engineering class will cover all of these aspects in depth.


There are several strategies and protection aspects that should be covered in the reverse engineer class as well, such as password protections, hardware protections, function enabling/disabling, and other commercial safety schemes. The safety and protection is the first wall which reverse engineers have to climb over to be successful. There are numerous protection and privacy strategies that are adopted by the software developers and companies so the class should have a profound knowledge of them and be able to teach ways on how to get around or throughout them.

Background concepts and knowledge of the assembly language and its applications are also prerequisites for a reverse engineering class. The student will also need to be familiar with debuggers, dissemblers, and other utility software. The basic concept and idea about the different security breaching aspects and vulnerabilities are mandatory for reverse engineering students to learn. The other techniques that they should teach are vulnerability finding, assessment of the solutions, and using high class languages, such as assembly and binary signature codes.


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