What are the Best Tips for Choosing a Hot Tub Cover?

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Those who purchase hot tubs want to protect their investment, and that protection begins with covers. A hot tub cover is vital to keep debris from dirtying the water or clogging the drain and jets. It also helps regulate chemical levels and maintain water temperature. Several factors should be considered before purchasing a hot tub cover; among the best tips include the location of the spa, weather trends in the area, the physical abilities of the owners, and cost.

Hot tub covers come in many forms. Rolling covers generally are lightweight and easy to control. Hard-shell hot tub lids are more durable and provide better protection for outdoor spas. Domed spa tops can help thwart a cover blowing off in the wind. There also are solar covers that use the sun’s energy to heat the water naturally.

First, consider a hot tub’s location when determining which type of cover to choose. Indoor spas need less protection from debris and the elements, and there likely will be less space to store a hot tub cover. This can make soft, rolling covers the ideal choice for their light weight and ease of use. Outdoor hot tubs, conversely, need more protection; in this case, owners should consider a hard-shell model. This is especially true if the spa is located under trees, where branches and leaves may puncture a soft cover.


Next, think about the typical weather in the area. A very sunny location and an outdoor spa often make a solar hot tub cover a good choice. The sun’s rays will heat the water, thereby cutting down on energy bills, while the spa top protects the equipment. Those living in areas with harsher weather should consider another type of hot tub lid. Locations with significant snow can benefit from a hard, vinyl cover that won’t collapse under the weight of precipitation. Very windy areas may call for domed covers that prevent the top from blowing off.

A spa owner’s physical abilities also should be considered when choosing a hot tub lid. Hard-shell covers can be unwieldy and extremely heavy to install and remove. These models also may require two people to secure the cover. The elderly or infirm, in particular, should assess whether a lighter soft cover is more appropriate for their abilities. It is helpful to test out various models in person to determine the best fit.

Cost considerations also factor into selecting a hot tub cover. Owners should draw up a budget for the entire spa package, including hot tub accessories, to ensure enough money is available to purchase the necessary cover. Remember that some units will generally require two types of covers — one for when the hot tub is in frequent use and one during the off-season.


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