What are the Best Tips for Chiavari Chair Rental?

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Chiavari chairs are a certain design of chair commonly seen at weddings or other formal events. They are simple, armless chairs that may or may not feature padded seats, and they come in a variety of colors and materials to complement any large event. Chiavari chair rental can be done through most companies that do large scale rentals for weddings and events, and anyone renting these chairs should keep in mind that they tend to be more expensive to rent than other, less attractive chairs. When considering Chiavari chair rental, be sure to consider the theme or color scheme of the wedding or event before renting the chairs.

Many people choose to rent folding chairs because they are easy to transport and set up at events. Chiavari chairs do not fold, which means they are more difficult to transport, so when considering Chiavari chair rental, it is important to consider how to get the chairs to the event. A large truck will most likely be necessary, especially for larger weddings, and it may be worthwhile to hire the rental company to deliver and set up the chairs. There is very often a charge associated with such a service, but it will make the Chiavari chair rental process much easier and more efficient.


Accenting the chairs with colored cushions is a great way to fit the color scheme or theme of the wedding or event. Cushions can be rented, very often from the Chiavari chair rental company the renter has chosen. The cushions can add comfort and a pleasing aesthetic to the decor without covering up the attractive design of the chair. Chair covers can also be rented to help match the decor of the event, though chair covers will cover up the attractive design of the chair. Choose this option when renting older or less attractive chairs that may need some improvements.

The chair material may have an effect on the overall price of the Chiavari chair rental. Wood, for example, may cost more than steel or aluminum chairs, so be sure to consider which aesthetic would work best with the event's theme. Metal chairs come in a wide array of colors, the most common of which are silver, gold, black, and even white. Wood chairs often come in white or natural wood tones; wood chairs tend to be somewhat lighter, so if moving the chairs will be an issue, wood chairs may be a good choice.


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