What are the Best Tips for Chakra Activation?

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Chakra activation is a activity that is based in large part on Buddhist beliefs. According to Buddhists, chakras are specific parts of the body through which energy passes. While there are a number of minor chakras, the seven most common include the crown, brow, throat, heart, navel, sacral, and root chakras. By activating these chakras, and allowing energy to flow through the representative body parts, spiritual, physical, and mental well-being can be obtained. Interested individuals should familiarize themselves with the mind-body connection, should learn about the various chakras, and should be prepared to put in plenty of study time.

Those who are interested in activating their chakras should first educate themselves on how their body and mind interact. This knowledge base can be obtained either through reading literature devoted to the topic, or by participating in seminars that specialize in the mind and body connection. In addition, individuals who are interested in this activity can often gain important knowledge from those who are skilled in chakra activation, such as experienced yoga practitioners. Those who do not have a detailed understanding of this interaction will more than likely have a difficult time activating their chakras.


Understanding the connection between particular body parts and chakras is also important for those interested in chakra activation. In order to activate a specific chakra, it is important to understand which body part should be focused on. For example, those interested in activating the crown chakra will focus on the top of their head.

For the best results, individuals should find a quiet location in which to practice. While very soft music is acceptable during chakra activation, it should not be distracting or disruptive. Individuals may want to practice chakra activation at a time in which they believe they will not be disturbed by friends or family members. Dimming the lights, and avoiding heavy drafts or scents is also important.

Those who are interested in activating their chakras should focus on only one chakra at a time. While it is not impossible to activate two chakras simultaneously, it can be very difficult, even for those experienced in this activity. Individuals should determine which chakra needs the most attention, and focus on it first. Subsequent chakras can be activated as time allows.

In order to become skilled in chakra activation, individuals should be prepared to put in plenty of time and practice. Learning to activate a chakra is not simple. Rather, it can take months of practice to become skilled in this process. Mastery requires lots of reading, studying, and practicing.


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