What Are the Best Tips for Career Planning in HR?

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Someone doing some career planning in HR, or human resources, should consider what type of industry he or she might want to work in and look for an education that can best prepare him or her for that environment. A bachelor’s degree in HR or business is quite commonly required of someone interested in working in HR, though low-level positions may be acquired with an associate’s degree, and higher-level positions often require a master’s degree in HR. The expansive nature of career planning in HR means it can often be easiest for a person to try to plan for a specific career or to consider a specialized focus while in school.

Career planning in HR usually begins with a consideration of the requirements commonly expected of an HR applicant. In the past, someone could find work in human resources by having a basic degree in business or extensive experience working in a particular field. As HR positions have become increasingly competitive, however, more specific and extensive training or educational background is often required of someone looking to work in HR. This is why it is often best for someone to begin career planning in HR by considering what industry he or she wishes to work in.


Effective career planning in HR usually begins with someone having a clear sense of the direction he or she wishes to go in his or her career. Most positions in HR require a bachelor’s degree in business or human resources; schools that do not offer a specific program in HR often have an HR focus within the general business or business administration program. An associate’s degree in business can help someone begin working at a low-level position in the HR department of a large company, especially while continuing to work toward a bachelor’s degree. Further career planning in HR should usually involve a person plotting out his or her future career goals.

Someone interested in working up to a corporate officer position might consider pursuing a master’s degree in HR or business administration. This type of degree usually requires several years of education beyond a bachelor’s degree, but can make it easier for someone to advance into an officer position at a corporation. Anyone interested in working in a particular field, such as the HR department at a law firm, hospital, or software developer, should also consider courses that can help him or her in that direction. While pursuing his or her degree in business or HR, a minor focus on a field like law enforcement, health care, or computer science can help better qualify someone to work in those particular businesses.


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