What Are the Best Tips for Canning Salmon?

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Some of the best tips for canning salmon involve the proper preparation of the fish prior to canning. It is best to can fresh salmon, and the firm flesh provides the most visually appealing product in clear, glass jars. Removing the salmon's skin is also key in canning salmon, as is removing all of the rib bones from the fillet or fish chunks prior to placing the fish into canning jars. This can be a tedious process when canning salmon, so an alternative is to place a small amount of vinegar in the jar as the fish is packed in order to dissolve the bone and save valuable time.

An important tip for canning salmon is being certain to cut the fish into evenly sized chunks or pieces. This will allow the fish to cook evenly throughout the jar. In order to can salmon with the skin on, it is important to scale the fish. Salmon have very small scales that can be difficult to remove, but they will come off during cooking and detract from the visual appeal of the fish in the canning jar. Along with being unpleasant to eat, the scales can also be a choking hazard.


Another tip when canning salmon is to make certain that the fish is thoroughly cooked. The use of a quality timer, thermometer, and adherence to all cooking times will aid in verifying that the salmon is thoroughly cooked. Some cooks prefer to place the salmon flesh in a bath of fresh water prior to canning. This process aids in the removal of any wild fish taste, and makes certain that the fish is very clean. Canning jars that will be used for canning salmon should be washed thoroughly prior to placing the fish into them.

A tip to make certain the canning jars are sealed properly is to invert the jars onto a paper towel after removing them from the water. Any lid that is not sufficiently sealed will be revealed from a wet spot on the paper towel beneath the jar. This is extremely important, since an unsealed or improperly sealed jar found when canning salmon can lead to illness or death. Another tip is to place the date of canning on the lid with a permanent marking pen. One of the most important tips is to keep the finished salmon jars out of direct sunlight in order to prolong the flavor and freshness of the fish.


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