What Are the Best Tips for Buying Low-Carb Groceries?

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Some of the best tips for buying low-carb groceries are to obey the white food rule, buy raw foods rather than preprepared foods, and ease into the diet rather than jumping in. The white food rule is a common tip given to people who shop for low-carb groceries and involves avoiding white foods or foods that could be white. Sometimes buying raw is the simplest and cheapest way to be low-carb, but this largely depends on kinds of food available near a person. Lastly, easing into the diet over a course of weeks can help a person avoid feeling overwhelmed by new meal plans, new foods, and the sometimes strict and inflexible rules of a low-carb diet.

A general rule of thumb is to avoid white vegetables and other foods in addition to natural foods that could be white. For example, potatoes, flour, and any kind of rice are rarely considered low-carb groceries. Even brown rice and whole wheat flour are off limits because they have white counterparts. These foods are typically starchy and high carb, but there are exceptions. Cauliflower, mushrooms, and cucumbers are vegetables that generally have some white bits, but they are all considered low-carb.


A low-carb diet is one that often involves avoiding prepackaged and precooked meals. It can be difficult to find such meals without added sugar, flour, or other common ingredients that are restricted when on a low-carb diet. Even foods specifically labeled “low-carb” might not be low-carb because of poor regulation, though this depends on local laws. Buying raw foods is generally the best way to go and can be easy once the dieter has a routine for it. It is also usually possible to purchase meats and frozen vegetables in bulk to limit the amount of shopping trips necessary each week.

It is not necessary to buy only low-carb groceries, particularly if someone in the family has food allergies, sensitivities, or is just a picky eater. Low-carb foods can be gradually introduced over a few weeks or months, which gives the shopper time to become familiar with good foods and meal plans. Some things are just not replaceable with a low-carb variety, however. In this case, it is usually best to opt to eat that food only occasionally. Most health professionals agree that eating unhealthy food is fine when done in strict moderation. It is constant consumption of soda pop drinks, junk food, and delicious baked goods or fast food that hinders people.


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