What Are the Best Tips for Buying Clarinet Cases?

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When purchasing clarinet cases, it is important to consider a number of factors that ensure the overall protection of the clarinet. Making sure there are separate places for each part of the instrument, such as the mouthpiece and the other body parts, is important. A clarinet case that contains adequate space for clarinet reeds and other essential and non-essential accessories may also be important for some people. The outer covering should be carefully examined before purchasing a clarinet case, as well, as this will protect the clarinet from any additional damage from the environment and other forces.

A clarinet is a wooden instrument that can be easily broken by an accidental force, such as falling to the ground or being hit against another hard object. The mouthpiece of a clarinet is especially sensitive to breaking, which is why most clarinet cases should have a separate compartment for storing this piece. A mouthpiece cover, usually made of plastic, should also be included to protect it even further. Separate compartments for the two body parts of the instrument are also important, as is a soft and pillowy inside covering of the case to protect the keys of the clarinet.


Some clarinet cases include a place for storing reeds, key oil, and cork lubricant, and this can be an important factor for those who are prone to losing small items easily. The reed is the most important part of the clarinet to ensure that it plays, so keeping them in the instrument case is crucial for any player. A clarinet case can also come equipped with a special compartment that holds music sheets and books, creating an easier system to transport all items. These aren't necessarily essential, but they are useful and common in many clarinet cases.

Clarinet cases that are more expensive may or may not represent a higher capability of protecting the instrument, so examining a case no matter what its cost is wise before purchasing. More expensive clarinet cases may have a harder outside covering, including a padding of cotton or other material to insulate the instrument from any traumatic force or shock. These cases may also include a shoulder or carrying strap designed for easy carrying. It may also be important for some individuals to receive a warranty on their clarinet case, to ensure that it is indeed able to protect the instrument.


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