What Are the Best Tips for Buying a Used Cello?

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When buying a used cello, an individual should consider many of the same things that he or she would when buying a new cello. The person's budget, the size of the cello, how easily the instrument might be resold and an examination by a seasoned cellist are all things that should be considered when an individual is shopping for a cello. In addition to these basic principles, the consumer should check for cracks or any other broken pieces, as well as the material with which the cello was made and how it was assembled.

Experts recommend that before an individual does anything else when shopping for a cello, he or she should set a budget. The cost of a cello, even a used one, varies greatly in price, so it’s best for the consumer to determine what price he or she can comfortably afford. In addition to the cost of the cello, he or she might encounter other costs, such as the cost of the bow, carrying case, endpin rest or mute device. Any materials needed for proper cello maintenance should be included in the budget because these will help keep the cello in fine working order and ready for possible resale.


The size of a cello is another factor that individuals should consider when purchasing a used cello. Cellos come in a variety of sizes, and given the cost of these instruments, it is best for individuals to purchase one that fits them well. Workers in many music stores should be able to assist consumers with purchasing the correct cello size.

Even if a consumer is purchasing a used cello, he or she might still consider resale when purchasing his or her cello. A used cello that continues to be taken care of might easily be resold if necessary. A used cello that already has a great deal of damage will likely be difficult to sell again later.

Another recommendation by musical instrument experts is for consumers to have experienced cello players examine a used cello before purchasing it. He or she likely has an eye and ear for what makes a good cello and might prevent an individual from purchasing an unsuitable instrument. An individual might have a music teacher or other expert accompany him or her to a music store to purchase a used cello, or he or she might ask the store to allow him or her to take the instrument home and have someone examine it there.


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