What are the Best Tips for Building a Trellis?

Patrick Lynch

Building a trellis is a goof way to add a touch of class to a display of plants. Tips for building a trellis include measuring the trellis to ensure it will not be too large. Use lumber and have an odd number of uprights in place for a neater look. The crosspieces and uprights should be combined to form a grid with the side and top pieces added afterward with glue and screws. An extra piece of wood should be added last and placed against the bottom of the grid for more support.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Measure the area where the trellis is to be placed before deciding on the size of the structure. This is important because the whole point of building a trellis is to support plants. It should be big enough to achieve its task but not so large that it overwhelms the area.

When building a trellis outdoors, use either cedar or redwood. The trellis will consist of uprights, crosspieces, side pieces, top pieces, and the bottom of the frame. Take the upright pieces and cut them to the required length. They should be laid on the floor with an adequate amount of space between them. An odd number of uprights such as five or seven is recommended to produce the most aesthetically pleasing look.

The crosspieces should also be carefully measured before they are cut. These should be placed on top of the uprights with an even amount of space between them. Use waterproof glue where the crosspieces and uprights meet. This should hold them in place while they are connected with screws or nails.

When building a trellis, ensure that the top piece is cut so that it is the exact same width as the grid. The side pieces should be the length of the top piece and grid combined, taking into account the depth of the soil where the trellis is being placed. Use screws and glue to attach the side pieces to the top of the frame at the side.

The grid should be placed between the side pieces in the frame. Make sure it rests against the base of the frame’s top piece. The rear of the grid and frame should be even with each other. The grid needs to be narrower than the front of the frame.

Cut a separate piece of timber and slide it against the base of the grid. This new piece of wood should be the same width as the grid. It should also be attached with more screws and glue.

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