What Are the Best Tips for Breading Chicken Breasts?

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Chicken breasts can be breaded by placing the chicken in flour, egg, and then bread crumbs, and smaller crumbs should be used to get the best results.There are a number of options available, however, for changing the flavor. Corn flakes and similar items can be added to the crumbs to make them crunchier for example. There is also the option of creating other interesting flavors through the use of herbs and spices.

Breading chicken breasts requires a few simple ingredients. These include the desired number of chicken breasts, bread crumbs, eggs, flour, and a small amount of milk. Salt and pepper can also be used, but they are optional ingredients.

The chicken should be cleaned of any fat and skin before proceeding. One tip for breading chicken breasts is simply to purchase chicken that is already skinless and boneless. The meat must be washed thoroughly and left alone while the bread crumb mixture is created.

Two eggs should be beaten in a bowl before adding about 15 ml of milk. If salt and pepper are desired, they should be added to the bread crumbs at this point. When breading chicken breasts, ensure that the crumbs are relatively small in size. Larger crumbs do not stick to the chicken as well as smaller bread crumbs. If only large crumbs are available, break them down into smaller parts.


The chicken breast can now be placed in a cup of flour. The chicken should be completely covered by the flour for best results, and a fork should be used to remove the chicken from the flour to transport it to the egg mixture. Do not coat the the chicken with bread crumbs until it has been coated with the egg.

Once the chicken is coated in flour and egg, the crumbs can finally be added. When breading chicken breasts, the crumbs have to be added slowly so that they fuse with the flour and egg coating. Any implement can be used to add the crumbs, even a person's hands.

Another tip when breading chicken breasts involves changing the flavor. Do not be afraid to add different ingredients to the bread crumbs for a different taste. For example, cheese, crackers and spices can be added to create a unique dish.


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If you're making a large batch of breaded chicken breasts, you may want to stop every once in a while and scoop out any lumps of wet breading. Refill the breading pan with fresh, dry breading so the final pieces look just like the first pieces.

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I'd suggest designating a dry hand and a wet hand when breading chicken breasts, or any other breaded foods for that matter. Place the raw chicken breast into the flour first, but try not to get a heavy coat. The flour is mostly a barrier. Using the "wet" hand, dip the breast into the slightly beaten egg and allow some of the egg to drip off.

Drop the breast into the breading mixture and use your "dry hand" to toss the breading onto the breast. Again, you don't want a coating that is too thick. Place the breaded breast into the frying pan carefully.

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