What Are the Best Tips for Braiding Hair?

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Hair should be detangled and brushed smooth before being braided, and all tools and accessories should be laid within easy reach. The hair can then be pulled back and separated into three equal sections. These sections should then be interlaced with each other, and ribbons can be woven into the braid for a more decorative look. Braids can be secured with simple hair bands or more elaborate hair accessories.

Before braiding hair, all knots and tangles should be worked out. A wide-tooth comb is usually best for this. Some individuals may need to use a gentle detangling spray or leave-in conditioner. The hair can then be brushed smooth with a natural bristle brush.

Braiding hair can be a difficult task for some people. It is usually best to have all tools and accessories set out within easy reach of the person who is doing the braiding. This can include brushes, combs, and hair bands. Rubber bands should not be used to secure hair, since they can cause damage to the hair. Covered elastic bands should be used instead.

The hair should then be pulled toward the back or side of the head, depending on where the braid will be located. If hair is secured with a hair band before it is braided, it will usually result in a tight, neat braid. Braiding hair that has not been secured with an elastic band, on the other hand, will usually result in a loose, more casual braid.


Once the hair is pulled back, it should be divided into three equal sections. Many hairstylists find it most comfortable to hold two of these sections in one hand and the remaining section in the other hand. Each section should then be smoothed with a comb or brush before braiding.

To begin braiding hair, the right section should be crossed over the middle section, so it lies between the middle section and the left section. This will make the original middle section into the new right section. The left section can then be crossed over the new middle section. This process can be repeated, until the braid has reached the desired length.

For a more decorative look, colored ribbons can be secured to each of the sections before they are braided. After braiding hair, it should be secured at the bottom of the braid with an elastic hair band. More elaborate hair accessories, such as jeweled clips and bows, can also be added.


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