What Are the Best Tips for Bleaching a Mustache?

Patrick Lynch

Women sometimes suffer from the embarrassment of having a mustache that is clearly visible, however, bleaching is the most cost effective solution to this problem and can be performed at home. The bleach should first be tested to ensure that it does not cause an allergic reaction. If it seems safe to use, all makeup should be removed and the skin moisturized. The bleach is spread on the upper lip and the excess removed. After the correct length of time, the bleach should be removed with a damp washcloth and the skin moisturized once again.

Laser hair removal may be offered in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures.
Laser hair removal may be offered in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures.

There are expensive options for removing a mustache, such as laser removal and waxing, but these can be painful. Shaving the mustache may cause it to grow back thicker. Bleaching a mustache is relatively inexpensive and can be completed at home in a few minutes.

A bleach that is specifically designed for facial hair should be used to bleach a mustache. Hydrogen peroxide and any other products used to bleach hair should be avoided. These are specifically for the head and might be too powerful for the face, resulting in burning or scarring.

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Products for bleaching a mustache come in various forms and strengths. Some may need to be mixed with other solutions. It is best to follow the exact step-by-step instructions and to wear old or worn out clothes in case bleach splashes on them.

The bleach should be tested on the inside of the arm before using it on the mustache area.The bleach should be left for a couple of minutes and then washed off. If the skin is red or itchy, this may be the sign of an allergic reaction. This means the product should not be used to bleach the mustache. If the skin on the arm does not react, it is safe to continue.

All makeup should be removed and the upper lip cleansed with a face wash. The upper lip should be thoroughly dry before the bleach is applied. A small wooden stick, like a popsicle stick, can be used to ensure that the bleach is evenly spread over the mustache. Fingers should never be used to spread the product when bleaching a mustache, and excess bleach should always be removed once the procedure is complete.

The bleach should remain on the skin for the length of time instructed and then removed with a damp cloth. If it is left on too long, the skin could burn. Products used for bleaching a mustache sometimes come with cream to be used afterwards. If this is not available, have another soothing cream on hand.

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I need help. I have my shaved mustache for about a year now, but it seems like it hasn't gone away. There is a line on my upper lip, and you can see it through my makeup. Is it permanent, can I bleach it, and hide it with make up?

I get made fun of at school, because I am in eighth grade, so people notice things like that! Help!

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