What Are the Best Tips for Binge Eating Self-Help?

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Some of the best ways to pursue binge eating self-help are to join binge eating support groups and online forums, and to become educated about the common reasons most people binge eat and some of the most successful strategies to stop doing it. Binge eating self-help books can provide a great amount of education about the problem, including how to uncover the cause of binge eating, such as whether it stems from emotional eating or simply getting too hungry between meals, and methods of preventing future binges. Many times, both support groups and self-help books emphasize the importance of preventing boredom, loneliness, and idle time when food is readily available, and frequently suggest techniques to help accomplish this.

Many people who frequently binge eat feel helpless or out of control and feel that it is necessary to get outside help for this problem. Practicing binge eating self-help rather than seeking the help of a therapist or weight loss specialist may be a much less expensive way to overcome a problem with binge eating. Individuals who choose this path though must understand that it is perfectly acceptable to ask for help from professionals if they discover that they need help after all.


Binge eating self-help books often contain step-by step guides to recovery, with various methods to try that have been proven successful with other binge eaters. This directed education can be invaluable to someone who may have no idea why he or she binges. Upon reading the book, the person may be directed to keep a food journal chronicling the times and contents of each meal, which then may lead to a discovery that, for example, every time he or she takes a small bite of chocolate, a binge follows a few hours later because the craving has been triggered. Another example might be that a man realizes he binges at six in the evening every weekend, a time when he used to go on dates with an ex-girlfriend. In this case, the binging might be a way to stave off loneliness.

Joining a support group or online forum can provide a way for individuals to meet other binge eaters and to share stories about personal successes and failures, as well as discuss emotional issues that may be causing the binge eating in the first place. Many people discover that having understanding peers to talk to can alleviate depression and help build self-esteem, which frequently also helps reduce the occurrence of episodes of binge eating. Often, just hearing the stories from other binge eaters sparks some memory or feeling that makes people want to talk about their own experiences, which can have a great deal of therapeutic effect.


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