What Are the Best Tips for Bikini Epilation?

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Many people turn to bikini epilation as a way to have smooth skin for as long as possible between hair removal sessions. The process is often painful, however, especially for the first few sessions or for users who are unfamiliar with waxing and other methods that remove hair from the roots. Some of the best ways to make the experience less painful include pulling the skin very tight and making sure the hair is at the optimal length before epilating.

The first session of bikini epilation can be a painful experience. Some people choose to use ice or a cooling epilator attachment to partially numb the area before epilating, while others find it more productive to epilate after a hot shower or bath so that the hair is softer and the follicles more open and relaxed. Minor bleeding may occur during the first couple of sessions, but if this becomes severe or causes the process to be too painful to continue, the epilation should be stopped. After the first session, bikini epilation should get progressively easier as the hairs grow in on different cycles and appear more sparsely. Additionally, if the epilation is too uncomfortable to continue, epilator attachments that reduce the number of tweezers used, and therefore the number of hairs pulled at once, are available for many epilator models.


Be absolutely sure to pull the skin taut before bikini epilation. Leaving the skin loose not only makes the process more uncomfortable by allowing the skin to be roughly pulled away by the pulling action of the tweezers, but also makes it possible for small pieces of skin to be pinched and pulled by the tweezers. Pulling the skin taut also allows the epilator to sit flatter against the skin and remove hair more effectively, so fewer passes are needed to remove all of the hair in one area.

Most experienced epilator users agree that it is a good idea to shave with an electric razor a day or two before the first bikini epilation session. Longer hairs have a tendency to get picked up by the tweezers more easily, and often at odd angles that may pull the hair painfully or break the hair instead of removing it from the roots. Making sure the hair is shorter, but still long enough to be picked up by the tweezers, can make bikini epilation much more comfortable.


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