What Are the Best Tips for Beard Maintenance?

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While beards often seem to be the epitome of low-maintenance, keeping a good-looking beard does take work. One of the best tips for beard maintenance is regular trimming, either at home or in a barber shop. It can also be beneficial to frequently cleanse a beard with shampoo, followed by moisturizing with conditioner. Combing the hair regularly can also help to keep it clean and smooth, while the use of dyes can improve the overall appearance.

Unless one is in the process of growing a beard, maintenance trimming is necessary. For those who prefer to tackle this task on their own, several different types of clippers and razors are available that can be useful in beard maintenance. Using an item with several different length options will help to retain the shape of the beard without cutting it too short or leaving it uneven. For the very skilled and steady-handed, sharp scissors can also be used. Trimming should be done whenever the hair is becoming too long or shaggy for a person’s liking; this can be anywhere from once a week to once a month.


For those who do not trust their ability with a trimmer, a visit to a barbershop can be one of the best tips for beard maintenance, as most professional barbers are skilled in caring for and cutting facial hair. Even for those who regularly perform beard maintenance themselves, a trip to the barber every few months can help to maintain the overall shape of the beard. With a few tips from the barber, the individual can perform upkeep trimming in between.

As with any type of hair, regular cleaning is necessary for beard maintenance. In most cases, a mild shampoo is best. This can be applied during every shower if the beard is long, or any time it seems dirty. Regularly shampooing the beard is one of the best ways to keep the hair shiny, clean, and manageable.

Many men have also found that using conditioner on their beard after shampooing can also be helpful. The hair on the face is typically more sensitive than that of the scalp, and some shampoos can strip moisture from the skin resulting in flaking. A quality conditioner will help to restore moisture and prevent any unsightly peeling. It can also help those with curly or unruly facial hair to keep the beard under control.

One of the lesser known tips for beard maintenance is the use of color. This can be especially helpful for those with lighter colored facial hair, which can appear dirty even when clean. Using a gentle dye can help to even out the color of the hair or match the beard to the hair on the head, providing a more cohesive look.


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@talentryto- You should try using a conditioner on your beard that is made of all natural ingredients. When you shop for one, check the labels and buy one that doesn't contain parabens, artificial fragrances, and petroleum-based oils for the best results. An added benefit of using a natural conditioner is that the ingredients are good for your hair, and will make it soft and manageable.

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Does anyone have some tips for the best kind of conditioner to use on a beard? I have sensitive skin, so certain types of hair care products cause it to break out and become irritated.

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