What are the Best Tips for Basement Window Replacement?

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One of the best tips for basement window replacement to always keep in mind is to think in terms of increasing the value of a home. Replacing basement windows should produce better overall energy efficiency and water leak resistance rather than just be more pleasing to the eye. Basement window replacement is not an area of home improvement that should ever be skimped on. A qualified and reputable contractor with experience and references should be sought for the job.

A home improvement contractor who specializes in replacing basement windows should be able to advise homeowners on the best type of replacement windows for the lower part of their houses. Before getting advice and an estimate, a homeowner wanting to hire a contractor for basement window replacement should not only get references, but check them as well. Hearing about the experiences other homeowners had with the contractor for their own basement window replacements can help a person considering hiring the expert. However, any complaints such as to consumer advocate groups should also be checked, both under the contractor's name and the business title.


Rather than choosing double glazed or another type of replacement window for the basement blindly, homeowners should carefully consider all of the options. Getting more than one reputable contractor's opinion on the best type of basement window replacement, plus doing self-directed research, can help make an accurate decision much easier. Depending on individual home basement structure, double glazed are just one type of energy efficient replacement possibility. Fiberglass or thermal are other options that should also be considered. The best energy efficient basement windows for a particular home will keep the heat inside the house during the winter as well as block much of it from its interior in the summer.

If the basement structure and budget allow, replacing small windows with larger ones can help increase the home's value as long as they are also energy efficient and waterproof. Big basement windows can increase the amount of light in the space to help avoid a dark dingy appearance. The installation of a basement window replacement must be completely watertight though to guard against flooding such as in the case of a groundwater leak. A great replacement tip to consider is to choose a window with a built-in drainage system to better prevent basement water leakage.


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