What are the Best Tips for Basement Cleaning?

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The best tips for basement cleaning include using a bleach and water mixture to discourage mold growth as well as creating distinct areas that adequately serve the needs of the household. Drains should always be kept clean and free of clogs to help prevent basement flooding. Basements should be cleaned regularly to avoid clutter, which may become ruined in case of flooding.

Doing a large basement cleaning project each fall and spring with maintenance done regularly throughout the year can keep homeowners on top of any moisture problems or other issues that need repair. Large-scale cleaning can include the clothes dryer vent to prevent fires as well as washing the basement walls. Cement basement walls can be washed with a bleach and water solution during a major cleaning. Cleaning mold with bleach is usually effective as well as easy on the budget.

For smaller clean-up maintenance in the basement, regular vacuuming can keep the dust level down. Clean floors and corners also help reduce the number of spiders and other insects in a basement. Any gaps or cracks in outside walls should be repaired and sealed. Outdoor drains should be kept clean and leaf-free or they may become plugged and cause water to enter the basement. A wet and dry vacuum can be a handy tool to have for floors during a basement cleaning as well as to have on hand in case of emergency flooding.


If the basement is carefully organized into different areas, such as laundry, recreation, crafts, home office and guest space, it can be easier to keep clean. Clearly defined spaces with clutter kept to a minimum can make accessing the floor for cleaning simpler. If some of the basement windows are higher up on a wall, a sturdy step ladder can be stored downstairs. One of the best tips for basement cleaning to save running up and down the stairs is to keep all cleaners and equipment downstairs together.

Setting aside a regular time for basement cleaning is a good idea. This way, it can be done regularly, even if only some smaller tasks such as sweeping, vacuuming or washing a few windows are accomplished. Consistent weekly attention can a make a big difference in establishing a clean and clutter-free basement.


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