What Are the Best Tips for Alcoholism Self-Help?

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Alcoholism is a very serious and dangerous disease that should be treated by trained experts, however, once the initial withdrawal and detoxification have been completed, there are a few tips that might aid in alcoholism self-help. The first and perhaps most important alcoholism self-help tip is to remain clear of any activity that will have alcohol available. Other tips for alcoholism self-help are to find a nondrinker who can be contacted at any time of day or night for words of encouragement and advice and to write down a list of alternatives to drinking. While not easy, alcoholism can be successfully controlled provided an alcoholic develops a serious mindset regarding the addiction and makes a sincere effort not to drink.

Even after years of sober living, many alcoholics complain of urges to use the drug. There are some tips that are intended and proven to help some users avoid further use through alcoholism self-help. As with any drug, the successful recovery patients will be required to remove themselves from any activity or location that has alcohol present. This can be friend's homes, sporting events and sometimes even grocery stores.


Most substance abuse clinics and programs recommend a sponsor to aid the addict through the recovery process. This is also a great tip for alcoholism self-help success. By finding a trustworthy individual to offer words of advice as well as solutions to problems and temptations, the recovering alcoholic is given a much better possibility of success than the addict with no support team in place. It is often recommended to find not only one person to offer help, but several people to provide assistance and support in alcoholism self-help so someone is always available when help is needed.

Another tip that can be used for alcoholism self-help is to make a list of pros and cons of drinking. Part of any good alcoholism self-help project should be making a list of reasons to avoid drinking. By making a list of all of the good things that could happen if the alcoholic drinks, and comparing it to a list of all of the bad things that could happen by drinking, the results typically spur sober choices. Another key to positive alcoholism self-help is to have the alcoholic make a list of alternatives to drinking alcohol and find a way to make the alternatives a realistic choice.


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