What Are the Best Tips for Adding a Backyard Basketball Court?

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A backyard basketball court is a great use of space and a fun place for kids and adults alike. Before installing a backyard basketball court, however, the builder should research the common dimensions for a full court and a half court basketball configurations. This will help him or her determine how large of a court can be installed in the available amount of space. In some cases, the yard may only allow for a half court or smaller layout; in others, a full court may be possible.

Once accurate measurements have been taken, the builder should buy all the materials necessary to build the backyard basketball court. Pricing out the components ahead of time will ensure the builder stays within budget. The basketball hoop, concrete, wood for pouring the concrete forms, and any flooring that will be installed over the concrete should be purchased and on hand for installation. It helps to fix a mold for the backyard basketball court using scrap pieces of wood; this will ensure the concrete does not creep away from where it should be and the edges of the court are straight. The process of pouring the concrete can be difficult, and it should be done during the spring, summer, or early autumn.


Once the concrete surface has been laid, the builder should install the basketball hoop. The hoop should be placed in the correct position according to the proper measurements of an official court. The pole for the hoop should be sunk into the ground, and concrete should be poured around it. With the hoop in place and the concrete poured, the builder will need to determine whether the backyard basketball court is finished as concrete, or if flooring will be installed. The concrete surface will need to be perfectly flat if flooring is to be installed, and the correct type should be selected. Outdoor flooring is available for outdoor courts.

After the flooring is glued down in position, the lines for the backyard basketball court will need to be drawn. This can be done using a plumb bob or just a piece of rope; these tools can be used to create the 3-point line and other arches on the court. Straight lines can be measured from the baseline. The builder should be sure to buy the right type of paint for the surface; if paint is not used, tape or other materials can be used if they are meant for use outdoors.


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Post 4

We are in the process of getting a backyard basketball court/goal and a privacy fence. Does it matter which one is built first?

Post 3

Get it level! That's my advice when building a backyard court. Our court was not level and we had standing water after rains, which left us trying to play basketball on an obstacle course comprised of puddles. Also, when the court isn't level the ball tends to roll in places you don't want it to roll.

Post 2

One of the most important aspects of setting up an outdoor basketball court is making sure you have enough space. I know this was mentioned in the article and I don't think this point can be emphasized enough.

Have you ever driven by a house and seen a goal attached to the front of a carport or garage where the only decent open space is in front of the goal. A goal needs to have adequate space for players to practice all the shots and plays they might encounter during a game of half court basketball--this means shots and plays from both sides of the goal as well as in front of the goal.

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