What Are the Best Tips for Abuse Victims?

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Although different situations call for different courses of action, there are some general tips that may be helpful for most abuse victims. Calling the police to report all incidents is extremely important. Trying to find services, programs, and legal information for victims of a particular kind of abuse could be beneficial as well.

For physical abuse victims, one of the best tips is to call the police or involve some sort of authority. Physical abuse that goes unreported may continue indefinitely until an outside force puts a stop to it. It is also smart to report incidents because it creates a record of the abuse. Recorded incidents of abuse may be beneficial if there is a chance of taking legal action against an abuser. If the situation involves children, the records could play a role in visitation and custody decisions.

Abuse victims should find out what options and services are available to them because the availability of resources often depends on the type of abuse. Doing research will reveal both local and national services with programs designed to help with specific kinds of abuse. Local services may be very important because they may offer the most expedited care, such as immediate attention from a hospital or a shelter where abuse victims can spend the night


Another good tip for abuse victims is to find out what laws apply to their specific situations because by identifying their rights, victims of abuse can better protect themselves. Many people begin by finding local or national victim advocacy groups that offer information and support. Using the Internet also can be a helpful tool for abuse victims trying to learn about laws that apply to their situations.

Taking part in some form of therapy is one of the best tips for abuse victims. It may be difficult to move on from traumatic events without the aid of therapeutic methods. Some people prefer to see a professional therapist or psychologist and engage in one-on-one sessions. Other people regain their sense of well-being by participating in group therapy or joining support groups, surrounding themselves with people who have been in similar situations. Some individuals like to work through their problems on their own, preferring to use self-help books or personal reflection.

Child abuse can be a particularly difficult situation to deal with. The correct course of action is to tell someone of authority immediately, regardless of how embarrassing the situation might be for the child or parents. A good tip for child abuse victims is to find an anonymous telephone hotline to report the abuse. Adults who suspect child abuse can anonymously report their suspicions to the police or an appropriate government agency.


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