What Are the Best Tips for a Vegetarian Dinner Party?

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The best tips for a vegetarian dinner party involve being mindful of guests who do not share the same eating habits while still having fun. If the guest list is filled with omnivores, the host might wish to cook a dish that would likely be familiar to them. In addition, dessert need not be boring and can satisfy even vegan guests who do not like to eat dairy. It may also be beneficial to think about whether being a vegetarian should be discussed, as this is sometimes a sensitive topic. Lastly, the most important part of having a vegetarian dinner party is having fun.

Inviting non-vegetarians can be a problem because people not familiar with vegetarian food are sometimes uncomfortable with it. One way the host of a vegetarian dinner party can combat this problem is by serving a dish that looks as familiar as possible. For example, a meatless pizza is still a pizza and can be a good introduction for those not comfortable with vegetarian cuisine. Serving certain meat dishes without meat or with a meat substitute can work just as well as a vegetarian pizza.


Some people might be concerned that vegetarian dinner parties do not have good dessert options, but there are a plethora of options. For instance, desserts that feature fruits, such as banana splits, can appeal to vegetarian sensibilities without seeming too exotic for the tastes of omnivores. If vegans are present at the dinner party, desserts like banana splits can still be served if dairy substitutes are used.

The host should think ahead about whether he or she wishes to discuss being a vegetarian with the guests. Vegetarianism is a sensitive topic for a lot of people, because they have strong feelings for or against. If omnivores are present, it may be best to opt for other topics of discussion, especially if the conversation might turn into a debate about someone’s eating habits. In addition, the last thing a good host wants at a vegetarian dinner party is a battle between vegans and vegetarians.

Like any other dinner party, a vegetarian dinner party might benefit from a theme. For example, the host could serve food traditionally cooked in Asia. Some people go with themes that have little to do with the actual food, like decorating the dining room with pirate accessories. A vegetarian dinner party can have just about any theme, from fun and silly to elegant and fit for royalty. The host should make sure all guests are in on it with a themed invitation, possibly detailing the dress code if there is one.


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