What Are the Best Tips for a Vegan Date?

B. Miller

When an individual follows a vegan lifestyle, he or she chooses not to eat or use any animal products; this includes meat or dairy, leather products, etc. This can make it slightly more difficult when choosing a restaurant to attend for a date, or when cooking dinner for someone who is a vegan, particularly if one person is vegan or vegetarian and the other one is not. There is no reason for a vegan date to be a stressful or difficult experience, however. There are now plenty of restaurants that are entirely designed for vegan eaters, and many mainstream restaurants are also happy to make vegetarian or vegan dishes upon request.

Fruit and vegetables, which make up a large part of a vegan diet.
Fruit and vegetables, which make up a large part of a vegan diet.

The first and most important tip when planning a vegan date is to be considerate. Even if there are no vegan restaurants around, it is rather poor form -- and quite inconsiderate -- to take a vegan person to a steakhouse or burger chain. Certain varieties of food, such as Italian food, Indian food, or Thai food offer a mix of meatless options as well as more standard fare. Taking a date to a restaurant where there will be options for him or her to enjoy, shows concern for her lifestyle and will probably go a long way. It may also be a good idea to try a vegan dish on the date; this will illustrate a willingness to compromise and try new things.

A picnic could be a fun vegan date.
A picnic could be a fun vegan date.

If the vegan date involves cooking at home, there are some additional considerations. Animal products can hide in foods that might otherwise appear fine, such as gelatin for example. Ask the vegan person for suggestions on what to cook ahead of time, or make the vegan date even more fun by purchasing ingredients and cooking together. This can give each person opportunities to learn from the other, since ideally dating and relationships are about compromise and sharing things together.

Indian restaurants are a good place for a vegan date, as they'll have plenty of good options.
Indian restaurants are a good place for a vegan date, as they'll have plenty of good options.

Another important thing to remember on a vegan date is to be respectful of the other person's choices. It is impolite to make jokes at either one's expense, or to give the other person a hard time about eating or not eating certain foods. People who follow different lifestyles and eating habits can certainly be happy together and have fun dating each other, but it is important for each to respect the other's choices and not view them as personal affronts or challenges. Willingness to communicate, as on any date or in any relationship, is the most important tip to remember for a successful vegan date.

Finding a gift made of vegan leather may help to impress your date.
Finding a gift made of vegan leather may help to impress your date.

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I am a vegan and I would really prefer to date a vegan but it is so hard to find them, especially in my city which is not anywhere near the west coast.

It can be really awkward too. You meet someone, and you hit it off but at some point you have to ask them if they are vegan. More often than not they eat meat and then you have to weigh whether or not it is worth it to date this person because of this one big/small thing that you do not have in common.


Being vegan is about more than just diet. It is a whole philosophy of how the individual and the natural world can coexist in the 21st century. So if you have a date with a vegan, be conscious of more than just the restaurant you go to.

Ask yourself, would this person want to go to a megaplex or a huge amusement park? Maybe the answer is yes but just as likely the answer is no. Do something creative and fun and natural and simple.


One thing to keep in mind is that vegans are very sensitive to the kinds of things they put into their body. They do not want to eat animal products, and many of them do not want to kiss someone who has just eaten animal products.

I went on a date with a vegan once and I took her to this Thai restaurant that had tons of vegan dishes. But they also had meat dishes and that is what I got. The date went well, but when I tired to kiss her at the end of the night she explained that she didn't kiss people who had eaten meat. I figured that that would be an issue for us throughout any relationship we had so that was our first and last date.

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