What Are the Best Tips for a Homemade Facial Treatment?

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A homemade facial treatment is a great way to get all of the benefits of a spa visit without the high price tag. Spending an hour once or twice a week using a homemade facial treatment can be a great way to stay ahead of skin concerns, while also getting some relaxing downtime. In order to have an enjoyable, beneficial facial at home, be sure to set the scene, choose the right ingredients for skin issues, prepare a treatment with several steps, and take steps to avoid a messy cleanup.

A homemade facial may quickly turn into a chore if the atmosphere is not properly set. While a facial can be great for the skin, the whole process can benefit the mind and body by serving as an oasis of relaxation and peace during a busy week. Consider creating a spa-like atmosphere by playing soothing music, enjoying a cup of tea before the treatment, or changing into a soft robe and slippers. It can also help to turn off harsh overhead lighting and rely on a softer lamp, or a few candles, for gentler illumination.


Once the scene is set, it's important to choose ingredients that will benefit skin type. For oily skin, consider a homemade facial treatment that is slightly acidic, using ingredients such as fresh pineapple, tea tree oil, or yogurt. Dry skin may require extra moisture, and may respond well to treatments containing grape seed oil, milk, and egg whites. For sensitive or breakout-prone skin use soothing, antibacterial agents such as pure honey, peppermint oil, and almond milk. Great information about the best ingredients for different skin types can be found online at websites dedicated to homeopathic skin care.

Instead of preparing a simple mask, consider building a unique homemade facial treatment that includes several steps. Most spa facials begin with a steam application, which can easily be recreated at home by filling a heat-proof bowl with boiling water, then trapping the steam by enclosing both the face and the bowl with a large towel. After steaming, use tea tree or lavender oil diluted with water to cleanse the skin, then apply a homemade mask. Once the mask is rinsed off, the skin can be coated with a light layer of moisturizer and sunscreen for protection.

Unlike packaged, preserved cosmetic products, homemade treatments tend to be less stable and uniform, and can be a little messy. Make a homemade facial treatment mess-proof by using slightly oversized containers to concoct the recipe, making spills less likely. Pull long hair away from the face with a ponytail holder, and keep smaller strands along the hairline out of the way with a fabric headband. Cover clothing with a thick towel, or simply wear a terrycloth robe during the treatment to avoid stains.


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