What are the Best Sources of Discount Cycling Gear?

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Discount cycling gear is readily available on countless websites on the Internet, and while some of those websites are reputable, others are not such a great source of discounts or reliable customer service. Used sporting goods stores will also sometimes feature used or discount cycling gear, and if a customer chooses to buy from such a store, he or she will need to be knowledgeable about the specific gear to ensure the part will work with that person's bike or to ensure that the gear is up to date and worth the price. An often overlooked source of discount cycling gear is the local bike shop.

Most people who are looking for discount cycling gear avoid bike shops because of the retail pricing, but a bike shop is a great place to find used and discount cycling gear at certain times of the year. Many shops are looking to unload last year's models and overstock toward the end of the summer, into the fall, and all through the winter, so if a shopper is looking for deals, this is a good time to visit the local bike shop. It never hurts to ask the shop owner or manager if anything is on sale at any point either, as many shops will give special discounts and have sales throughout the year.


Websites are perhaps the most common sources of discount cycling gear, but these sites also require the shopper to be the most savvy and on-guard. Be sure to research the most reputable online shops before buying, as not all websites are secure, and many do not feature adequate return policies or customer service. Read online forums to find stories about experiences from other customers at specific websites, and ask other cyclists if they have had experiences with certain shops.

Online auction sites and other forums can turn up some great discount cycling gear, but again, the shopper will need to be aware of the condition of the gear, who it is coming from, and what the return policies are. The shopper will also need to be very aware of the retail value of a piece of gear to avoid overpaying or otherwise getting ripped off. It is important to pay special attention to shipping charges and policies, as this is a common way for people selling discount cycling gear to overcharge customers for a piece that initially seems like a good deal.


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