What are the Best Sources of Cystic Fibrosis Support?

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There are many places a cystic fibrosis patient and his loved ones may turn for support. For starters, a trusted doctor who is familiar with the disorder may prove a good source of support and referrals. Support groups and mental health professionals may also offer support and help patients and their loved ones cope. Additionally, cystic fibrosis organizations may offer information and referrals, including those for programs that offer financial help for cystic fibrosis patients.

A medical doctor may prove to be one of the best sources of cystic fibrosis support. A doctor can provide a patient and his family with valuable information about treating the symptoms of the disorder and minimizing the effects of health problems that develop because of it. A doctor may also offer a cystic fibrosis patient and his family valuable information about coping with the disorder. In many cases, a doctor may also provide patients and families with other types of support, such as referrals to support groups or mental health professionals.

An individual may also seek cystic fibrosis support from other people with the disorder or their families. For example, a person may benefit from joining a cystic fibrosis support group. These groups may meet in person or online to shares concern and experiences. Often, having someone non-judgmental to talk to about the strong emotions patients and their families have proves helpful.


A mental health professional may also prove helpful for a person who has cystic fibrosis or has a loved one with the disorder. An individual or an entire family may meet with a mental health professional to work through difficult emotions such as anger, fear, guilt, and disappointment as well as to learn new techniques for dealing with the challenges cystic fibrosis causes. Sometimes combining the help of a mental health professional with regular participation in a support group is particularly helpful.

Some people may also find the best type of cystic fibrosis support through an organization dedicated to the disorder. Such organizations may provide a wealth of information about the disorder and methods of treating its symptoms. Often, these organizations also provide referrals for people who are seeking doctors or mental health professionals who are experienced with cystic fibrosis. An individual may also obtain information about support groups from one of these organizations. Additionally, some cystic fibrosis organizations even provide referrals to programs that offer financial help to cystic fibrosis patients and their family members.


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