What are the Best Sources of Abortion Advice?

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Before deciding to get an abortion, it is natural for many women to seek advice on the matter. Some of the best places to get abortion advice regarding the physical aspects of the procedure include a woman's doctor and an abortion clinic. Many abortion clinics also offer abortion counseling both before and after the procedure. Family planning clinics, along with trusted friends and family are often great sources of abortion advice as well.

A woman's general practitioner or gynecologist is often the best sources for abortion advice. He can often inform the woman of options, as well as information regarding the procedure. Physicians will also refer the woman to an abortion clinic if he is unwilling or unable to perform the procedure. Many abortion clinics also speak with prospective clients. They can offer advice regarding the physical and psychological aspects of the procedure.

Pre-abortion counseling is available through several organizations, and in many areas this is required before a woman can have an abortion. Most abortion clinics offer this service free of charge. During the counseling session, the counselor will inform the patient about what happens during the procedure and what to expect after it. The counselor may also inquire as to why the woman is seeking to terminate her pregnancy and possibly educate her about other options, if she is unsure of her decision.

Family planning clinics are another excellent source of abortion advice. Women with unwanted pregnancies can talk to counselors in these types of facilities about their options. Besides abortion, they will also usually learn about programs available to low-income mothers along with adoption procedures.

Trusted and non-judgmental family members and friends can often be great people to talk to about personal issues such as abortion. This can be especially helpful if the idea of talking with a complete stranger makes the woman uncomfortable. By seeking abortion advice from a close family member, a woman may also find that she has more support than she initially expected.

Abortion counseling after the procedure is often recommended, since the psychological effects of an abortion can be worse than the physical effects for some women. This type of counseling allows a woman to talk about her fears and emotions without being judged. Many counselors will give women post-abortion advice on things like birth control, relationship issues, and depression.

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