What are the Best Sources for Job Placement Assistance?

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The best sources of job placement assistance may depend on the needs of the person who is seeking a job. For example, a student may find that his school’s placement office is his best source for employment help. An individual may also consider a private employment agency or a government-run or non-profit office when he needs job placement assistance. In some cases, contacting an independent recruiter is also an effective way to get job placement help.

For a student, one of the best sources of job placement assistance may be the placement office at a college, training school, or other type of educational or training program. Often, a job placement assistance office at a school will have experience with referring students to particular types of employers as well as connections with employers who are willing to hire their students. In fact, some schools may specialize in placing students in one particular field, which may make it easier for their students to find employers who are looking for their specific skills.


Another good source of job placement assistance is a company that specializes in placing individuals in jobs that suit their skills. There are both general and focused job placement agencies. While it is possible to secure a job through a general job placement agency, choosing one that focuses on a particular field is sometimes better. For example, if a person is looking for a job in a health-related field, seeking the help of a job placement agency that specializes in health care jobs may help him secure a job faster.

Often, cost is a factor in finding the best job placement assistance sources. For individuals who have a significant budget to spend on employment help, choosing a fee-based job placement service may be fine, but there are many people who cannot afford to pay for job placement services. These people may find free or low-cost assistance by contacting government employment agencies and non-profit organizations for help. Additionally, a person may seek help from an organization that doesn’t charge fees up front. For example, some organizations may allow a person to pay job placement fees after he’s secured a job.

Sometimes independent recruiters are also good sources of job placement assistance. An independent recruiter typically works to find suitable job candidates for his clients. If an individual gives his resume to a recruiter, the recruiter may be able to match him with a position at one of his client companies. Contacting a recruiter may prove helpful, even if the recruiter doesn’t have any current positions available. The recruiter may hold onto the job candidate’s resume and contact him when a job is available.


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