What are the Best Sources for Budgeting Advice?

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The best sources for budgeting advice can vary depending on the extent and complexity of the advice that is needed. Free sources, such as advice found on the Internet or in books taken out of the library, can be great for people who want to learn to develop personal budgets. If an individual is just starting out, he or she might find that older friends or family members can also be great sources of budgeting advice. For more complex advice, some people find that a financial advisor can be helpful, both for budgeting as well as for making investments and planning for the future. This will carry a fee, however.

There are literally thousands of articles that can be found for free online that include budgeting advice, tips, and helpful strategies for personal money management. It is a good idea to verify the credibility of the site in which the advice is posted, since it is possible for anyone to publish their writing online. News, finance, or other company owned websites are usually better sources of financial advice than personal blogs, for example. Of course, certain personal blogs are excellent sources of information; it is up to the reader to verify any information found there and make sure it is up to date and applicable to his or her situation.


Budgeting books purchased at a book store or borrowed from a library are another great source of budgeting advice. These often include worksheets and guides for specific situations, such as saving for college and retirement, or getting out of credit card debt. They also often provide very detailed information and are available with in-depth information on specific topics, such as making the best investments. For people looking to budget their personal finances, or even to start their own small business, these free or inexpensive sources of budgeting advice can be very helpful.

Of course, some people need more detailed budgeting advice based on their unique situation, such as extensive debt, complicated investments, or even recovering financially from something such as a foreclosure or bankruptcy. In this case, a financial advisor, accountant, or other similar professional might be a better bet, even though this person will usually charge a fee. Some people might be able to pursue consumer credit counseling, which may be free or inexpensive, and is similar to financial advising, but comes from a nonprofit agency. These people may be able to give advice on budgeting and paying off debt, but typically not advice on investments or retirement planning, for example.


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