What are the Best Rosacea Makeup Tips?

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Rosacea is a common skin condition that affects many people. It is characterized by redness on the cheeks and nose, often accompanied by blemishes and broken capillaries. Though it is difficult to treat rosacea, it can be masked using makeup. There are many rosacea makeup tips to be found online, but one of the best rosacea makeup tips to follow is that less is more.

When selecting rosacea makeup, it is very important to search for hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and oil-free products. Choose products that have been tested by a dermatologist, and try to select ones with fewer ingredients. There are a number of specific ingredients found in cosmetics that those with rosacea should avoid; find these lists by searching online for rosacea makeup ingredients.

Often, mineral powders are a great choice for foundation, because they go on lighter, and are less likely to clog the pores. Some makeup experts recommend applying a green-tinted primer underneath foundation, because the green tint can minimize the appearance of redness. Those with rosacea should generally avoid applying any blush to the cheeks, which can enhance the redness. Concealer may be applied to target specific areas of redness.


Eye makeup should of course be hypoallergenic as well. Be sure that it can be put on and taken off easily with makeup remover, and without needing to rub the eyes excessively. Long-wearing makeup should generally be avoided. If any products seem to cause sensitivity, immediately stop using them and try something else.

It is extremely important to wear sunscreen every day under the makeup as well, to prevent burns or skin damage. It is recommended that rosacea sufferers avoid particularly dark red lipstick, which can call attention to the redness in the face. Instead, lighter or neutral colors tend to look the best, and also look most natural. Of course, makeup color preferences are solely the choice of the person wearing them.

When applying makeup, it is best to use a soft brush rather than a sponge or the fingertips, which can spread oil around the face and aggravate the condition. Only apply as much makeup as needed. Remember to cleanse the face every morning and night with a gentle, soap-free cleanser, and to apply a light moisturizer. Do not rub the skin with a washcloth or towel, which can cause irritation; instead, pat the face gently to dry it. Though rosacea is a chronic condition, following some rosacea makeup tips can help to minimize its appearance.


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Post 3

@fify-- There are cosmetic camouflage products sold online. I think they're called "veil" and are meant to look natural. I know many rosacea sufferers use it with success.

Post 2

I'm a guy with rosacea. The condition of my skin has been really getting to me and lowering my self esteem. I'm wondering if I can use some camouflage makeup to hide the redness without it being too obvious that I have makeup on?

Are there any guys here who have tried this? What do you use? How do you apply it?

I would appreciate any suggestions. I don't want rosacea to affect my self-esteem and social life anymore. If I can get away with applying makeup to feel better about myself I will.

Post 1

I've had rosacea for several years. If I use regular makeup, my skin becomes terrible. I get pimples that take forever to heal and my flushing gets worse.

The only makeup that doesn't affect me badly is organic mineral makeup. I only use the powders made by organic makeup brands like bare minerals or physician's formula. These don't cover perfectly, but at least they don't make things worse. I also make sure to clean my face often. I never go to sleep with makeup on.

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