What Are the Best Remedies for Cracked Dry Lips?

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Depending on the reason behind the cracked dry lips, there are many remedies that can treat the condition. For example, since dehydration can cause the lips to become cracked and dry, drinking plenty of water may remedy the issue. In addition, there are many homeopathic remedies, such as coconut oil, neem extract, and aloe vera. If the condition is caused by a vitamin deficiency, exposure to the elements, or a bad habit, there are additional ways to prevent the lips from cracking as well.

One of the most basic and easiest remedies for cracked dry lips is water, specifically remaining hydrated by drinking water. If a person is dehydrated from climate, illness, or even over-exercising, her lips may crack or peel. In that case, the person should increase her water intake. Typically, most guidelines recommend that a person drink eight glasses of water each day. If her activity level is higher, if she is in a dry climate, or if she has been ill, her water intake may need to be even higher to prevent and treat cracking lips.


In some cases, a person may want to moisturize her cracked dry lips using a homeopathic remedy, and there are countless remedies available. For example, some people recommend rubbing coconut oil, castor oil, or mineral oil on the lips. Other people claim that neem extract or clarified butter work wonders to treat lips that are cracked and dry. Other homeopathic remedies for cracked lips include mixing rose petals with glycerin, combining honey with olive oil, and laying cucumbers over the lips.

There are plenty of over-the-counter treatments for cracked dry lips as well. Some of these medications contain a mild antibiotic to prevent infection from occurring within the cracks. In addition, these products often contain a moisturizing component, such as mineral oil, to remedy the person’s dry lips.

Additional treatments may be required if a person has dry cracked lips because of a vitamin deficiency or exposure to outdoor elements. For example, a person may need to increase her dosage of vitamins A, C, B, B2, and E through supplements or through her diet to treat her lip condition. In addition, she should apply sunscreen to her lips and refrain from using harsh moisturizers.

Other remedies for cracked dry lips include breaking bad habits that may cause the condition. For example, some people bite or peel at their lips, which may increase the likelihood of the lips to become dry and cracked. In addition, flavored lipsticks and lip glosses should be avoided because they can increase the sensation to lick the lips.


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I had terribly dry lips this winter. I tried coconut oil, which helped them feel better, but didn't heal them. I tried at least four different lip treatments.

The only thing that offered me relief was a $0.97 tube of Blistex medicated lip balm. Seriously. It's in the dark green tube. It stung when I first put it on, but I am not kidding when I say I could tell a difference in a couple of hours -- it worked that quickly.

I apply it a couple of times a day now, and always before bedtime. My lips look and feel so much better. I don't know what's in that stuff, but it worked for me.

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