What Are the Best Pixie Hairstyles for round Faces?

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The pixie hairstyles for round faces can work well, as long as a few points are remembered. Any hairstyle for a round face should not be slicked back. This will only accentuate the roundness of the face. A pixie that is well suited for the round face is one that adds height to elongate the face, and has soft wispy tendrils around the face. Some hair surrounding the neck will also be flattering for someone with this face shape.

When choosing hairstyles for round faces, the wearer should always keep the hair from becoming too large at the side of the face to prevent unneeded fullness. The pixie cut is well-suited for the round face as long as it's not too severe. Softness is key to keeping a good haircut. Good pixie hairstyles for round faces feature soft curls, waves, or hair sculptured in an upwards fashion on the top. The crown can be set in large rollers and back combed to provide additional height and fashion.

Short hair can be slightly daring on a round face. This is due to the fact that drastically short hairstyles may cause a round face to appear even rounder. A woman with a round face should keep this in mind when choosing pixie hairstyles for round faces. The pixie style is generally parted on one side. This provides ample opportunity for the wearer to sweep her bangs across her face, or to choose soft, wispy bangs.


Bangs on a round face should never be cut straight across. This would only draw attention to the cheeks, which is the widest part of her face, making a round face look rounder. Bangs can be choppy, wispy, or parted on one side, and swept across the forehead. The hairdresser should only use the hair in the front for the bangs, and avoid bringing hair from the top of the head forward. This would create the top-heavy look that women with round faces should avoid.

A variation of the pixie cut serves as an alternative to traditional pixie hairstyles for round faces. This cut is cut close to the head with short layers. This is a good pixie hairstyle for a woman who has wavy hair. The bangs are swept across the face, and notched to provide texture. The sides are cut close, but the longer lengths on top create a longer face.


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