What are the Best Natural Treatments for Pink Eye?

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Though there are a number of prescription medications available for the treatment of pink eye, some of the more natural treatments are, at times, the most effective. One of the most common natural treatments for pink eye includes the use of a warm compress. Applying a tea bag to the affected eye, or washing it with lemon, honey, or salt, however, has also proven effective. In addition, some ointments and creams, such as aloe vera cream, have provided relief when applied to the lash lines of those suffering from pink eye.

The use of a compress is one of the best, most effective natural treatments for pink eye. To use a compress, the affected individual, or his or her caregiver, should soak a clean cotton cloth in warm water. Once the cloth has soaked for several minutes and has been wrung out, it can be applied to the affected eye with light pressure. Those who do not experience significant results with the use of only a warm water compress may want to consider using chamomile, green, or black tea. To do this, patients or caregivers brew a cup of tea, remove the teabag, allow the tea to cool, use it to soak a clean cloth, and place the cloth over the affected eye.


In some cases, an eye wash has also proven to be one of the best natural treatments for pink eye. When added to warm water, a combination of salt, honey, and lemon has been found to be not only a great natural cleaner, but also has provided results as an anti-fungal. Affected individuals or their caregivers can use this remedy by dissolving the ingredients listed above in warm, clean water. After the mixture has cooled, the individual suffering from pink eye can apply the concoction to the eye in question. Though it may sting a bit initially, it will be very effective at treating the condition.

Some creams and ointments — aloe vera ointment in particular — have also been found to be effective, natural treatments for pink eye. When applied in a thin layer to the lash line, aloe vera ointment provides both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. As with any over-the-counter medications, affected patients may consider consulting with a pharmacist or physician before using the ointment. In the more severe cases of pink eye, it may not be strong enough to cure the ailment, and so a full prescription medication may be needed.


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Post 3

@fify-- I've heard of breast milk before but I've never tried it. I think some new moms use it for infant conjunctivitis arguing that the natural antibodies in breast milk fight the infection. I can't recommend it to you though because I have no experience with it.

I've never heard of urine as a pink eye treatment and I think that sounds gross. Don't do that!

Natural treatments like compresses with hot tea, coffee or saline solution may help. But putting strange things in eyes like urine, vinegar or lemon juice are unacceptable and may harm eyes. And it will burn too! Stick to the basics and see your doctor if things don't look better in a day or two. You might need antibiotic eye drops.

Post 2

I'm hearing some strange recommendations from friends and family as a pink eye treatment. One person said to use breast milk, while another recommended clean urine (whatever that may mean).

Has anyone here actually used such strange remedies for pink eye with success? It doesn't sound like good ideas to me but I'm curious to know if people actually use them.

Post 1

Chamomile tea compresses are wonderful for pink eye.

In many cases, pink eye goes away on its own within several days or a week at most. But the symptoms like swelling, redness, pus and itching can be very bothersome. So natural treatments mostly help relieve the symptoms.

I have tried different pink eye remedies but chamomile tea compresses remain my favorite. The warm tea on the eye is very soothing. It cleans the area and removes and discharge or pus. It also relieves itching and swelling.

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