What are the Best Natural Treatments for Bronchitis?

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Bronchitis is caused by an inflammation of one's air passages, and can be very painful. While there are numerous medications that can be used to treat bronchitis, some of the natural treatments for bronchitis may be more effective. Supplementing one's diet with licorice root, garlic, and peppermint tea, and using hot steam may be just as effective as traditional medications.

One of the most effective, natural treatments for bronchitis is to supplement one's diet with licorice root. Licorice root aids in the treatment of bronchitis by thinning and helping eliminate the mucus that builds up in bronchitis. Research has found that patients who consume between 2,400 and 3,000 milligrams of licorice typically experience the best results when treating the symptoms of bronchitis. Typically, licorice root can be found in most pharmacies or grocery stores. Licorice root extract brands that have been labeled and approved by federal food and drug industries often are of a higher quality and may be more effective than those brands which are not approved.


Another one of the common natural remedies for bronchitis is to supplement the diet with raw garlic. While raw garlic may initially seem difficult to eat and stomach, it is essential in order to achieve optimal results when treating bronchitis naturally. Raw garlic works due to its ability to kill the microorganisms and bacteria that often build up in the development of bronchitis. To use raw garlic correctly, it should be chopped in small, fine pieces, and consumed. Individuals who have a hard time eating the garlic plain may want to consider mixing it into cream cheese or other similar dips.

Drinking tea is often considered to be one of the best natural treatments for bronchitis. While there are a number of teas that may be effective in treating bronchitis, research has found that dried peppermint tea may be one of the best. To prepare peppermint tea, about two teaspoons of the tea should be placed in hot water and allowed to remain there for around ten minutes. Once the leaves have been removed, the tea can be enjoyed. Peppermint tea works due to its ability to relax breathing passages. This helps to alleviate the coughing and wheezing associated with bronchitis.

Another one of the common natural treatments for bronchitis is steam. Like tea, hot steam helps to break up congesting, and also aids in killing bacteria. Those who are interested in using steam should consider placing a very hot towel that has been soaked in hot water over their head.


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Post 4

Steam is the best of the natural remedies for bronchitis. Even if you don't have a humidifier, you can make steam with a pot of water and a stove.

I boil water and hang my head over the pot. I put a towel over my head to trap the steam, and I breathe as deeply as I can. You can also go in the bathroom after someone has taken a hot shower and get the same effect.

Post 3

Chest congestion is the worst of the bronchitis symptoms, in my opinion. It makes it hard for you to breathe, and you have to cough all the time.

I could scarcely get a breath without coughing several times when I had it. The thing that helped me the most and let me get a little bit of sleep at night was eucalyptus salve. It also contained menthol, so it was really potent.

I rubbed it on my chest, and the vapors went through and eased my congestion. The vapors also reached my nose and cleared it up a little.

Post 2

@StarJo – I've never heard of anyone chewing on licorice root. I do know that you can find the dried leaves to make licorice tea as a bronchitis treatment, though.

I got some of these leaves from a health food store. I did find licorice root capsules in my regular pharmacy, but they didn't have the tea.

Some people don't like the flavor, but I think it's great. It's very rich, and anything that tastes that strong has got to be powerful.

Be prepared, though, because it will make you go into a coughing fit. You have to in order to get rid of all that phlegm in your bronchial tubes.

Post 1

Is licorice root something that you have to chew on, or do you take it in capsule form? If you have to chew it, does it taste like licorice candy?

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