What are the Best Natural Remedies for Warts?

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Warts are caused by the presence of one of the 60 known types of the human papillomavirus. These viruses are known to be slow acting and can result in a variety of different types of warts, including plantar and flat warts. Many people rely on natural remedies for warts to eliminate these unsightly, though benign, growths on the skin. These homemade treatments can take weeks or even months to be effective, but many people feel more comfortable using these chemical-free remedies; medical treatments often involve freezing warts or removing them with a caustic acid solution. Home remedies for warts very often include ingredients found in nature, such as essential oils, herbs, and fruits.

Plantar warts are found in a variety of areas on the feet, such as the foot sole and the bottoms of the toes. This type of wart has a hard center or seed and is usually tender to the touch and may bleed when irritated or accidentally cut. Home remedies for these warts include applying castor oil directly to the plantar warts every evening; castor oil treatments may take a few months to yield results. Another commonly used remedy is milkweed sap. This substance is applied to the warts once a day and often is effective more quickly than some of the other natural remedies. For a gentle approach to wart removal, many people suggest simply applying aloe vera juice to the affected areas.


Common warts are another type of frequently found wart and may be either flat or rounded in appearance. These warts are often found on the hands, though they can appear on other body areas such as the face, knees, and forearms. Some natural remedies for common warts include proteolytic enzymes, dietary changes, and dandelion treatments. Some people have success treating warts by making changes to their diets, emphasizing the consumption of sulfur amino acids found in such foods as eggs, garlic, and onions. Proteolytic enzymes that are found in banana peels and figs can be applied to the warts as well, while the milk of a cut dandelion applied in the same manner can be effective when used two or three times a day.

Several other natural remedies for warts exist as well. Cut raw potatoes, for example, may be rubbed on the affected areas of the body frequently for about two weeks; this treatment is believed to produce excellent results in eliminating the appearance of warts. Onion may be used in a similar fashion, with a fresh-cut onion being rubbed on the area several times a day; this natural remedy should only be used for warts located on the body and shouldn't be used for face warts.


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