What are the Best Natural Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome?

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The twitchy, creeping urges that result from restless leg syndrome may be difficult to remedy, but through natural means, such as making adjustments to one's diet, they can be relieved. Some of the best natural remedies for restless leg syndrome involve exercise, such as walking. Relaxation techniques can also be helpful.

Several vitamin and mineral deficiencies can contribute to restless leg syndrome. Folic acid and calcium levels may be increased to help provide relief. More magnesium, chromium, or potassium may also be needed in the diet.

Too much of a single vitamin or mineral, such as iron, can also cause symptoms of restless leg syndrome. In such cases, levels should be lowered instead of increased. A blood test ordered by a physician can typically determine whether or not one's body has too much or too little of a given nutrient.

Time modification is another natural remedy to restless leg syndrome. Patients who utilize a regular schedule often find their symptoms abating. This typically includes going to bed in the same place at the same time each night.

Acupuncture is one of several alternative natural remedies for restless leg syndrome. Pressure is typically applied below the back of the kneecap. Another restless leg syndrome alternative treatment is stress reduction. Relaxation techniques, such as yoga and tai chi, may help relieve stress and symptoms of this condition.


Taking a walk is considered one of the best natural remedies for restless leg syndrome. Many people find that this treatment is the only thing that helps reduce or eliminate symptoms. Other regular leg exercise, such as stretching, can also help. Some doctors postulate that wearing socks to bed and keeping feet warm may also be an effective remedy for restless leg syndrome.

Many drugs can cause restless leg syndrome; hence, one of the best natural remedies for restless leg syndrome is to avoid drugs that cause it. Many of these types of drugs are recreational ones that people can easily leave behind, such as caffeine and alcohol. Other medications, such as seizure preventatives, may be necessary for one to take. A physician can be consulted to determine whether or not it is safe to abandon a medication, or if a substitution with fewer side effects is available.

Some people claim that a bar of soap can help eliminate restless leg syndrome symptoms. Others, however, claim it is a baseless treatment that offers no relief. This restless leg syndrome treatment involves placing a bar of plain, unscented soap between one's mattress and bottom or fitted sheet.


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And if not the cause outright, they might exacerbate the symptoms. Food sensitivities tend to be less recognizable than outright allergies, and as such, many folks may spend a whole lifetime eating foods that don’t work for their particular needs.

This can result in some very odd symptoms like RLS, twitchy eye, dry eyes, muscle aches, joint point, and so forth. The list goes on and on, and surely, lengthier than any of us realize. It can also result in the more serious like autoimmune diseases and cancers. If you are suffering with RLS – or any odd hard-to-cure ailment) it certainly doesn't hurt trying a 30 day elimination diet to see if any foods you

are eating may be the culprit.

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