What are the Best Natural Remedies for a Cough?

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Natural remedies for a cough cover a vast spectrum that ranges from common sense solutions to esoteric folk tales to strange and bizarre elixirs prepared under the light of a full moon. The best natural remedies for a cough involve time and rest, and if those don’t work it is time to see a doctor. Coughs come in myriad varieties – hacking, dry, wet, wheezing, and gasping, to name but a few – and it appears there are at least several natural remedies for each and every version. Any, all, or none of the popular home brews may work, or not, dependent upon the underlying illness and the source of the irritating congestion.

Under the category of common sense approaches, the cougher in question should breathe steam. Moist, warm air soothes the airways and loosens phlegm. Also, in order for the sinuses to drain, one’s head should be elevated when they are in bed. Drinking at least 64 fluid ounces (1.89 liters) of water a day is important, as the liquid will act as an expectorant. If the afflicted individual is a smoker, he should stop, at least until his cough has completely disappeared.


Eating spicy foods such as hot peppers will help to loosen mucus. Drinking hot tea will have the same effect, especially if has been dosed with a bit of honey, lemon, or both. One of the most popular natural remedies for cough consists of a mixture containing whiskey, honey, sugar, and lemon juice. The sugar should be dissolved, and the other three ingredients are supposed to be added in equal parts. They rarely are, and such concoctions inevitably turn out to be about ninety percent whiskey.

Most natural cough remedies include honey. It is very important however, that honey not be given to children under the age of one year old. There is a risk of botulism contamination in honey, and though it is a small risk, it could prove life-threatening to a baby. A popular natural remedy for a child with a cough consists of the juice of half a lemon mixed with water. This should be administered several times per day.

Natural remedies for a cough that fall into the esoteric, bizarre, and downright weird file include aromatherapy, reflexology, and a gargle of cayenne pepper sauce and water. Some homeopaths and naturopaths suggest that one of the best natural remedies for a cough is a warm water enema, although it would seem a reasonable conclusion that such a treatment would have a negligible effect on the lungs.

It is likely that the finest natural remedies for a cough are the ones that many people have used from time immemorial. Simply brew a cup of hot tea, add plenty of lemon and a dollop of honey, and sip away. The mixture might not cure a cough, but at least it tastes good.


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Post 3

@discograher-- Anise is another cough remedy. You can drink anise tea with honey to stop coughing.

Milk is also great for throat irritation and coughing, but it has to be drank warm. If you add turmeric to it, it will be even better. This is actually a very popular Indian remedy and is used for everything from the common cold to insomnia. The turmeric does make the milk taste a bit odd but I've found that adding sugar or honey helps.

Post 2

My favorite cough remedy is herbal tea. I have different varieties of it several times a day until the cough goes away, I have mint tea, chamomile tea and spicy tea with vanilla. I usually add either honey, fresh ginger or a slice of lemon to these. Sipping on something hot is by itself very beneficial for an irritate, ticklish throat. But I think that aside from controlling my cough, these teas also help boost my immune system and help me recover faster.

If I can't have tea, then I use natural cough drops with herbs, lemon and honey.

Post 1

My grandmother chops up onion, combines it with sugar and then leaves it for a while so that the juices come out. She takes this onion juice like cough syrup. I think it's weird and I would never do it but she claims that it works.

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